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Sometimes the lowliest of locations...

I've long been a fan of Warehouse District and its owner/nazi and I love the topping qualities at Slice. Mark Twain's Landing is worth the extra mile or two and Theo's enchanted me when it first opened. NY Pizza is above average, thing crust delicious grease. Even Reginelli's and Italian Pie have their phenomenal specialty combinations (well maybe not phenomenal...). I personally think that Rocky's and LA Pizza Kitchen are garbaggio (in Italian). Angeli is overrated.

But recently, and certainly for the money, I have put up with the obnoxious frat boys (and ogled their co-ed compatriots) for the excellent pizza at the Dough Bowl (at the Boot!). I know that the employees probably pee in the dough and whatever, but 1) the thinness, 2) the ratio of cheese to sauce and 3) the convenience, is incredibly hard to beat. The only pizza I would even speak in the same sentence as this is the 'Za at Pizza Fiesta (at Club Decatur 'round the HOB). Theirs is also good for all of the reasons, Dough Bowl is. It just happens to be smaller for the money and further away.

Please, taste the Pizza and get it before Tulane starts back in August!

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  1. I like the Dough Bowl, but many times the atmosphere by The Boot is way too college-y. I also enjoy the pizza at Club Decatur. It is a good/cheap place to go drink before HOB shows.

    BUT, I would not put its pizza above Reginelli's/NY Pizza/Theo's, etc. I agree that Rocky's and LPK are horrendous.

    1. Bob - I hear that the owner of the Dough Bowl is a partner in a new restaurant coming to mid-City called the Crescent Pie & Sausage Company (or something like that) - from what I hear it's going to be pizza, house made sausage & charcuterie & other stuff. The two guys have been serving a lot at Bacchanal - I'd imagine that the pizza will be as good as (if not better than) the Dough Bowl, without all the extra cheesiness (and I'm not talking pizza topping).

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        Great tips! Thank you kindly. Phyllis, you have the same surname as I. Are you originally from NOLA?

      2. You can always get your slice on the street through the takeout window....no need to go inside the Boot at all.

        1. I'll second the shock/awe of Dough Bowl love, but add that a full pie from the DB is really the way to go. Like any slice joint you never know how long things are standing around.

          1. i have been telling visitors for years that french quarter slics are dry and nasty except for the za at club decatur. they have great slices. speaking of slices, slice is incfedible as well however, the best pizza in this city i think is New York Pizza. great suce, the best italian sausage anywhere, wonderful cheese and that butter garlic oil that they spread around the crust is heaven. canadian bacon and pinapple is a must try as well. blows theo's out of the water...

            1. You ask any one in high school on up and they'll agree- Boot pizza is the best. Might be the fact its rarely consumed sober so it seems better, but I love that pizza.

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                  Hey, Chee, maybe you can clarify things for me. When did Dino's close? I seem to remember the Dough Bowl opening around 99 or 00, so surely Dino's was gone before that.

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                    Dino's on Veterans closed a long time ago and is now Tower of Pizza. Same menu and delicious pizza.

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                      Tower is the best in the area, IMHO

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                        Okay, I'm not remembering the same Dino's. If not Dino's, what was the name of the precursor to the Dough Bowl that operated out of an adjacent building (it wasn't actually inside the Boot) in the mid 90s?

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                          Dino's WAS next to The Boot, because it closed while I was in college and frequented The Boot. I think it closed in either 2002 or 2003. But Dough Bowl is VERY similar in my opinion.

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                            I think this is right. I moved back to NOLA in the Spring of '02, and I seem to remember it being open about a year or so after that.

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                              Maybe there were two Dino's, one on Broadway and one on Veterans

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                                Dough Bowl definitely opened by 02-03. There was also a Dino's in Gentilly area, if memory serves...

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                                  There was a Dino's on Vets and there was one by the Boot

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                                    Did an internet search and there were two listing for Dino's, one on Vets and one on Broadway, called both numbers and they are other businesses now.

                                    Since we are talking good pizza in the NO area, does anyone on here remember Pied Piper, it was off Vets around Causeway I think. I remember going there with my sister a few times, I couldn't have been older than 12, but I recall the pizza being great.

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                                      Pied Piper was on Ridgelake, a couple blocks past Mr. Hambone (more nostalgia) toward the lake. I loved their salads too with Russian Dressing.

                                      Does anyone remember THE DELI? One on the WB where Kelsey's later had a location on DeGaulle & another on Melpomene near the bridge ramp. Who owned THE DELI?

                  2. Don't forget to try the pizza at Sugar Park Tavern, way down in the Bywater. The folks who run the place are originally from Brooklyn and, while they don't make "New York" pizza, I've had a few tasty pies there.

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                      Tabasco in the tomato sauce makes this place a non-starter, at least for me

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                        i love their specialty pies, but two issues:

                        1) crusts are ALWAYS overcooked, such that the crust is crunchy like a breadstick

                        2) sh1t-ton of cornmeal on the bottom of every pizza

                      2. Yes. The Dough Bowl rules. By far the closest to thin slice NY pizza - especially the huge slices you get. I don't care if I have to deal with college kids waiting in line outside late night. It's worth it!