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Jul 24, 2008 03:42 PM

Mondo -- Town of Sonoma

Based on cyberoo's recommendation for the pulled pork sandwich I stopped there for lunch today with my husband. We had a good lunch, I thought a little pricey for the quality. I had the pulled pork sandwich, $9.50. Came on a plate with a piece of dill pickle (good). Nice bun, good coleslaw, very good, smokey pulled pork, chipotle bbq sauce (not to my taste). Husband had an angus burger w/ grilled onions, bacon, and Pt. Reyes blue cheese, same chipotle bbq sauce, $11. Same presentation as pulled pork. Very good burger, asked for medium, came well, but not dried out. They have a multitude of sides, we had the onion rings, $4.50. Was surprised that they couldn't offer Tabasco with the ketchup (I always doctor my ketchup with Tabasco for a little more zing). They were quite good if you like the thick ring style, quite salty, but that's okay with me when it comes to junk food. Nice beer selection, we had 2 drafts at $4 apiece. W/o tip, lunch came to $36, we had plenty of food but not much variety. I would prefer slightly smaller sandwiches with a side included to the big sandwich all alone on a plate. I would go back since I am local, would avoid the bbq sauce, probably order a couple of starters rather than one of the sandwiches. Service was friendly, the kitchen was a little slow, but not horribly so.

875 West Napa Street, Sonoma, CA 95476

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  1. We like going to Mondo at happy hour (3 to 6, even on weekends, which is nice). The beer selection is good, and the servers are friendly and seem to know their stuff -- the one time they were out of my first choice of draft, our server knew what to recommend in its place, which was nice. They have a nice selection of appetizers that are good to share -- two or three small plates between a few friends works well. We are particularly fond of the calamari and the ribs, and we have also enjoyed the thick onion rings, the "pigs in blankets" and the fried cheese nuggets.

    1. We ate there yesterday on our way to Santa Rosa from Oakland. I had the mushroom burger and could not have been happier with it!!! It consisted of a variety of chopped mushrooms (including shiitake, button and wild mushrooms per our waitress) bound together with cream cheese (again, per the waitress-- I couldn't actually taste the cream cheese) and also had capers and was well spiced on a lovely bun. The side of "Frank's(?)" was half fries and half huge crispy onion rings. DH had a grilled beer brat sandwich with a delicious smoky flavor on a crusty grilled roll. Pliny the Elder from RR Brewing Co. was AMAZING with an aroma of fresh-mown hay from my childhood in Indiana. Now, I gotta figure out how to make that mushroom burger at home...