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Jul 24, 2008 03:38 PM

HELP! Bon Appetit 1995 recipe: Potato-Turnip Gratin?

Oh, emergency! I need to make a gratin from a recipe I once used in what I believe was the February 1995 edition of Bon Appetit Magazine. It was either a potato-turnip or potato-parsnip gratin with horseradish and it was excellent. I'm hoping someone out there has an encyclopedic magazine collection and has the recipe. I believe it was a bistro edition and there's a steak on the cover?

If you have this recipe, I would greatly appreciate it. It was wonderful and had a healthy kick from the horseradish (which I remember was prepared, not fresh). Or maybe just some guidance on how much to add to a regular gratin recipe?

And yes, I tried ... Thanks!

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  1. the epicurious site can be impossible if you do not spell the recipe exactly as it should be or if the title is not exactly correct. I know this from searching myself unsuccessfully.
    Here is your recipe. Maybe you misspelled something. That site is not advanced enough to pick up something similar to a misspelled word, unfortunately.

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    1. re: mschow

      Great recipe but it does seem to be missing the horseradish she talked about. Hum. Now I gotta go look.

      1. re: Quine

        Yeah, I found that but it wasn't the one. It had prepared horseradish in it. So if I use that recipe, any suggestions on how much horseradish to add? The original recipe also did not have rosemary or sage but will this work with horseradish?

    2. OK, I found this recipe, which does sound good but teh idea of a CUP of garted horseradish is a bit daunting.!

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        I KNOW!!! I saw that and backed away from the computer. This is for a birthday and I really don't want to experiment on such an auspicsious day (08/08/08!)...

      2. I've been looking too, but sorry, so far I'm not able to help. I didn't find that issue; will still look this weekend because we moved a few months ago and I haven't unpacked all the boxes.

        I still kick myself for getting rid of most of my back issues, dating to the 80s, because of Then around 2000, I was looking for a couple of favorite recipes and thought they would be on the site - Honey-Pecan Fried Chicken from BA 1/86, and Rum Raisin Streusel Cheescake from a restaurant called Stumptown Station in VT - Gourmet 3/91 (I have the specifics because I eventuallly found the pages in one of my recipe binders - woo hoo!). That's what made me realize that a lot of recipes aren't archived on the website - especially those in the old "Entertaining with Style" section where they had full holiday or occasion menus from chefs/cooks at home, and also many of my favorite restaurant-request "You Asked For It" or "RSVP" sections (not all are on the epi). I guess it makes sense - those are personal recipes from individuals or restaurants. Anyways, once again, my shelves are groaning from back issues ever since. However, I'm glad to have them, but I feel your pain, so I'll keep looking!


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        1. re: Rubee

          Rubee, you rock ever so hard! Yes, the recipe was from someone entertaining at home, pulling off a bistro style dinner IIRC.

          1. re: Rubee

            It's definitely the case w/r/t Gourmet as well - not all recipes are there - I have mine going back to 1990 and my husband occasionally hints at getting rid of them! No way.

          2. It is not Bon Appetit February 1995 - that issue does not have steak on the cover, and I did not see a Potato Turnip Gratin in the Table of Contents - sorry.

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            1. re: mirage

              Thanks for checking, mirage! Maybe it is the month before or after; I guess I library trip may be in order. I thought it was the same issue as a baked penne with Havarti cheese recipe. That recipe is on with a Feb 1995 date. Oh well...

              Anyone have a suggestion on how much horseradish to add to a regular potato-turnip gratin? Prepared, I don't know how easy/ difficult finding fresh will be.

              1. re: chaddict

                I found a recipe for potato-turnip gratin with horseradish cream in the Sept. issue of Bon Appetit from 1993. Is that the one you are looking for?

                1. re: cnobrien

                  I doubt it since that is before grad school but by God, I think I'm in love with you! Recipe, please?

                  1. re: chaddict

                    Here you go (BTW the issue is entitled Bistro Style and there is a steak on the cover)

                    1 1/4 cups whipping cream
                    1 1/4 cups 1/2 and 1/2
                    2 lbs russet potatoes, peeled, sliced thinly
                    1 1/4 lbs turnips, peeled, halved, sliced thinly
                    1/4 cup cream-style horseradish
                    1 tsp minced fresh rosemary or 1/2 tsp dried

                    1. Preheat oven to 400. Lightly butter 8x8x2 glass dish.

                    2. Bring cream and 1/2 n 1/2 to boil in heavy large Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add potatoes and turnips. Simmer until vegetables just begin to soften, about 5 min, stirring occasionally.

                    3. Using slotted spoon, tranfer potatoes and turnips to dish.

                    4. Mix horseradish and rosemary into liquid in pot. Season generously with salt and pepper. Pour liquid over vegetables. Press firmly to compress. Cover with foil.

                    5. Bake 40min. Uncover and bake until potatoes/turnips are tender and top is brown, approx. 30min. longer. Let stand 10min.

                    1. re: cnobrien

                      OMG! Chowhound to the rescue!!!!! Thank you! The culinary gods hold a special place for you in home cooking heaven.

                      I guess I am older than I thought....

                      1. re: chaddict

                        Excellent. So glad cnobrien delivered! It sounds like a great recipe too, I'll have to try it.

                      2. re: cnobrien

                        Hi - This is my very FIRST chow post! I was searching on epicurious for this recipe (mind you, I save ALL my Bon Apetite's back to the early 80's, but rarely use them since I can go on-line). Anyhow, I searched many different words and was about to settle on a similar recipe when I decided to "google" the words which brought me to this site --
                        Thank you, Thank you.... I found my recipe....thanks to go with my Christmas Goose and I am a new Chow user!