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Jul 24, 2008 03:35 PM

Virginians seeking great lunch near Tower, British Museum

Anyone have good lunch recommendation for days we're at British Museum (have to see the Rosetta Stone) or Tower of London. I know it's traditional tourist plan, but can't miss those two things.

Also, what's the the best place for cheap Indian? Fish & chips? Anyone have an opion on Tiffinbites? Thanks!

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  1. re Fish & chips I can recommend The Fryer's Delight at 19 Theobalds Rd - a 10 min walk from the British Museum. It's been mentioned on this board before and is a traditional, no frills chippie.
    The Tower of London is close to Brick Lane which is FULL of curry houses - they've been discussed at length on here as well so I'd do a few searches. Enjoy your trip

    1. You could do a lot worse than The Museum Tavern, we popped in for a Saturday afternoon ale a few weeks back and were pleasantly surprised. Great service, good selection of ale and the food that was being served looked really good. As far as Tiffinbites, I'm not a big fan of chains, but have eaten at Tiffinbites a few times and have always been impressed.

      1. Tiffinbites has just purchased the Bombay Bicycle Club... they must be doing something right.

        1. 32 Great Queen Street has never failed me when in the locale of the British Museum. Also the new Giaconda Dining Room on Denmark Street is great, though smaller and increasingly harder to get a table at. GQS have tables outside and a bar area for walk ins. Both are less than five minutes walk from the museum. Neither is particularly expensive relative to the rest of London.

          1. The BM recommendations all sound worth exploring - you could try Malabar Junction for a watered down Keralan meal (it's in Museum St). The Tower's a bit bereft of places in the immediate area for very good food - there's Rosemary Lane, which I haven't eaten in for some time, or the Blueprint Cafe (above the Design Museum just across Tower Bridge on the south side of the river. Dependably good food, in a really nice dining room and fabulous views of Tower Bridge and the waterfront.

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              Second the Blueprint. Always a delight, especially at lunch.