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Jul 24, 2008 03:11 PM

Best Steak and Bakeries around Providence RI

with great salads and sides, where why and how expensive please? Visiting soon and don't know anything about the food scene. Thanks for the help. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated for great clean inexpensive food.

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  1. I'd recommend the seven stars bakery. Their baked goods (scones and croissants, especially) and breads are wonderful, and they have great coffee too.

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      By far, the best Italian bakery (with the best rolls, breads, pastry, pies and cakes) is DeLuise Bakery at the corner of Mt.Pleasant Ave and Chalkstone Ave (near the NorthProvidence line). It's my neighborhood bakery and they have been around for about 75 years -simply the best. Closed Mondays, and Sunday afternoons - usually they are mobbed on weekends. Very, very affordable. (It's more of an 'old world' bakery; not as hip and contemporary as 7 Stars, and not as expensive as 7 Stars either).

      If you are looking for good steaks/meats you can't beat Shore's Market on Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence (actually, just about two miles from DeLuise Bakery). The meats are always fresh, the service is always great. Great little neighborhood market! You can also pick up 'sides' and fresh veggies and produce there, as well.

      You won't be disappointed with these two!