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Jul 24, 2008 03:06 PM

serious quiet conversation + good food in culver city?

hello fellow chowhounders!

im getting together with a friend tonight for some serious conversation (possible break up) & good food. any recs in the culver city area?

Beacon - acoustics are terrible
Dijonnaise - same as above
Akasha/Tender Greens - same as above
Fathers Office - too boisterous & happy for such a serious conversation

I was thinking Overland Cafe, ...its pretty quiet there. Brasil Cafe on Washington (less people), or Alibi??? Please feel free to throw in your recs! Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'll always give a nod to Overland because it's my neighborhood joint and I'm there on at least a weekly basis.

    1. cucina paradiso - motor just north of palms is very good and nice/quiet inside. i think the food here is really top notch.

      there's also a small italian restaurant in culver city on main street. it's next door to the mexican restaurant across the street from the grand casino bakery. the food is not quite as good as cucina paradiso -- but is very reasonably priced, and tasty; the staff is also quite nice.

      and i'm sure others may not like it - but dear john's on sepulveda/culver is nice inside if you get a booth and has pretty good food.

      1. Giovanni's at clarrington and venice. wonderful simple italian, quiet and comfortable.