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Jul 24, 2008 02:52 PM

The Griddle... Takeout?

Im having a small going away party for my friend's little daughter, and there's no way we can get everyone to a restaurant and celebrate all at the same time. She LOVES The Griddle, and wants me to get pancakes from there for her little party. I know this is an odd question, but has anyone actually taken any of their pancakes or waffles or french toast out? I know we're talking major compromise of "freshly made," but this kid is pretty insistent. I even volunteered to try and replicate them myself, but no. I'll probably try to reheat via oven or toaster, but is this just gonna be a total disaster?


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  1. I get takeout sometimes and my office is only 10 minutes away. They put in styrofoam containers so the moisture from the steam does make it soggy. I think if you plan ahead and depending on the size of the order, they will put it in alunminum containers which may make it less soggy (a little?). That kind of food I think needs to be eaten quickly after preparation or else you lose the taste.

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      that's definitely my belief - eat quickly - but a six year old doesn't necessarily take kindly to reason. thanks for your response!