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Jul 24, 2008 02:47 PM

Pizza: let's try for description rather than rage

OK, I know there are 1000 threads about pizza on this board. I have read them. And I know that most people who post to them think that there's no good pizza anywhere in the metro area and certainly no good pizza if you're from a place known for pizza. Fine.

The problem is, sometimes you still want to order pizza, and it's not possible to figure out from the ridiculous plethora of responses here what the options actually are because this is apparently such an emotional subject that people are incapable of giving details.

So what I want is a list of places that sell pizza for delivery with a description of the kind of pizza they sell: what kind of toppings do they have? are there any unusual ones? what kind of cheese do they use? What kind of crust options do they have? do they have organic options?

I am most interested in places in Montgomery County and in DC. NoVa is out of range for me but go ahead and answer if you want.

I would LOVE reviews of the pizza, but substantive ones please: no "don't go there; it's dreadful", or "OMG I loved that place when I was in high school." I'm looking for: "it seems like X uses more butter in the crust for their deep dish than Y" or "about 50% of the time, the pizza has standing grease on top of it when I open the box" or "the broccoli is usually a little too undercooked for my taste" or "the Italian sausage has a noticeable amount of red pepper, so it's hot as well as spicy."

There are plenty of pizza threads here that allow people to gush and rage about pizza. I just want to know precisely what my options are.

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  1. Not a huge resource, but I'll fill you in on where we go.
    In downtown silver spring, the only places i know of that deliver are the big chains--pizza hut et al--and Manny and Olgas, which is a smaller chain. Manny and Olga's is ok. They have a fair number of toppings, thin crust, a few specialty pizzas. If you're desperately seeking delivery, it will do. My husband really enjoys their veggie pizza. they have a website and you can order and pay online. No organic options.

    Normally we get Mama Lucias, but only on Tuesday nights when they have buy one get one for $2. Their pies are big. Also thin crust. they do white pies and the do sicilian. I generally enjoy their pizza though the mushrooms are canned and their spinach is pre-mixed w/ricotta. They also have a website and lots of area locations. In most cases, i think their pizza is so much better than other delivery options around here that it's worth going there, even though I find it overpriced. no organic options that i am aware of.

    Z pizza has arrived fairly recently. they also have delivery and i would bet they have a website, but I haven't tried it yet.

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      I like slightly crunchy thin crust pizzas (about half as thick as a Domino's thin crust), with tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, onions and sausage, baked in a brick oven. I'm in NOVA and I find Bertucci's, Faccia Luna, and Bebo Trattoria satisfactory. I like the crust of Pizza Paradiso but I don't like the fact they don't use tomato sauce (they use tomatoes). Unfortunately I have not been to any place in MD.

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        This is the best Chowhound thread title ever.

        Another place that delivers in Silver Spring is Armand's. I think they have thin crust too now, but their normal kind is thick crust. (They claim to be Chicago style, but that will probably bring out the rage, so let's forget it, OK?) They use what seems to me a large quantity of cheese. We always get the spinach and garlic topping, which is not heavy on any vegetable-like matter, but is pretty garlicky. The crust seems like it has a fair amount of fat in it (compared to the plain bread NY style crust I grew up with or would make myself.) If you are in the mood for starch, garlic, and grease - and I mean that in an entirely positive way - it's just the thing.

        Z pizza is thin crust. I think it's a California chain. They have what I consider newfangled toppings and various organic options: their website is and you can see the menu there.
        I didn't know they delivered and so have never had it delivered, which I mention because in my experience it's different if you take a whole pie home or eat a slice in the store. I think their crust needs to be extremely hot and fresh to be tolerable.

        I have never tried Manny and Olga's in all the years I have lived here - and now that I think about it, I think it's because Olga just doesn't sound like the name of a person from a pizza-making culture.

      2. If you don't mind a really small place then I think that Bistro Italiano has a pretty good offering. Super thin crust and generally pretty greasy---their sauce is to die for. Don't know what they put it in but it is awesome. On Capitol Hill---you can find them on google but they don't have a website.

        1. Around Bethesda there's Corner Slice, which sells an enormous pie, thin crust. I think it's pretty good for straightforward pizza (I usually stick to cheese or pepperoni there, and there's no organic options). I do usually have to "degrease" it with a paper towel, and the crust isn't as good as, say, Bertucci's.

          We used to get from Geppetto's, and it's pretty good but 1) it takes around an hour for delivery and 2) they have two styles, Sicilian (which is a little too thick crust for me) and Neapolitan (which is actually a little too thin crust). They load on the toppings, especially pepperoni (which may work better for the Sicilian pizza).

          Mia's and Bertucci's are both pretty good, but neither does delivery. On a good day, Mia's is better (but Bertucci's is cheaper and very consistent).

          1. I really like Listrani's, on McArthur. They also have a full menu, so if you or a member of your party is craving pasta, that's available. It's not a thin-crust pizza, but it's not too heavy. The sauce is flavorful and toppings are good quality. I usually find myself adding a sprinkling of salt, but otherwise, it's a pretty good quality pizza, and is fairly underrated.

            1. Potomac Pizza in the Kentlands is my favorite in Montgomery County and where my money goes when I want pizza. They have 4 locations: Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville and Gaithersburg. I go to the Kentlands, Gaithersburg location.

              The pizza is relatively thin crust, foldable, nice sauce and good toppings. Unusual toppings include: banana peppers, fresh broccoli and fresh eggplant.

              We really enjoy their white pizza as well - fontina cheese and good amounts of garlic.

              Pines of Rome in Bethesda makes a good thin crust pizza and their white pizza may be the best I have ever had. Ask for extra fontina if you order it.