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Jul 24, 2008 02:42 PM

Awful Restaurant Week Lunch at Megu (uptown)

From the moment I walked in I knew we were in for a bad one. It was stuffy and stinky when we walked in. We were seated in the sushi bar area at a nice banquette. There were many employees walking around. A few GMs, some hostesses, waitresses and busboys. Unfortunately, one was more clueless than the next, including the GMs. Seriously, I think they were medicated.

We all were served water in dirty glasses when sent back to be refreshed two new glasses cvame back to us with lipstick on them.

The lunch choices were minimal, a kobe steak and some sort of fries..manybe yucca or something like that, sushi or grilled unagi. It came with a yuzu salad and chef special dessert. You could also choose from more entrees if you went for the $29 lunch.

Two of us got the steak which was a laughable portion, not cooked to proper temperature and just all around not pretty. The other two got the bento, which was thrown in front of us, no description of what we were about to eat, all items including those to be hot were room temp at best. We were told the main part of the bento was a grilled silver cod with miso, instead we were served a panko breaded fish with tartar sauce. When we question this, the waitress began to say the it was grilled in the "inside". What? GM came over and offered us a new piece of fish which was much better, but never came over to ask if we approved.

Dessert was a tea and red bean. It was truly disgusting.

I will never go back. Never in a million years.

I will say that the sushi was exceptional and the sushi bar might be a nice place for a couple to dine as the seats are for two and highbacked.

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  1. Sounds awful...yet another restaurant self-destructively using Restaurant Week as an excuse to operate at sub-par level...thanks for the warning

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    1. re: Simon

      I'm beginning to wonder if that's not the point of Restaurant Week -- not to go to places (EMP, Le Cirque) you normally would never be able to afford, but to sniff out the horrors that await.

      Noted: no Megu. No Opia. No Alfama.

    2. Interesting: I had a very different (i.e., good) experience there for a restaurant week dinner there in the winter. We even had some of the same choices and thought the steak and sushi were very good. For the price I would not expect a large portion of Kobe steak, and it was on the small side, but very tasty. The service was not great, but we enjoyed the overall experience.

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      1. re: City Kid

        I also did RW dinner this past winter and concur with City Kid. We liked the Kobe steak and overall service was wonderful. We had a great waiter and I really enjoyed it. It was so much better than my RW dinner at Megu downtown the winter before. That was absolutely horrendous and it is amazing that the two restaurants are even related.

        1. re: G3B

          We went there this past week for dinner and I found it to be pretty good as well. It wasn't exceptional but service was attentive, the food was decent and we enjoyed it. I probably wouldn't return but it's a place I normally would not have gone to had it not been RW.

      2. The original comment has been removed