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Thai Boom -- Best Westside Thai

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Celebratory inexpensive dinner last night at Thai Boom, party of four. Kenny took care of us. Started with a green mango salad -- excellent and interesting start. Lots of chopped and julienned ingredients including tiny dried shrimp, nuts or nutlike elements, and cucumber and red onion. Great beginning, tart, crispy, a bit of spice, refreshing with some lime squeezed over. Pad see yue with chicken and thin thai broccoli was the second dish, and the fan who ordered it pronounced that she'd be back. Followed with their special shrimp in a dry red curry butter -- great flavor and beautiful presentation over a melange of vegies. Yellow curry chicken came with a real spicy hot charge, as requested. Off-menu fish (filet of sole?) steamed simply with ginger was light, fresh, and surprisingly no more expensive than regular items.

Also had their eggplant with mixed vegies -- the chinese or japanese purple eggplant was beautiful with the skin on and succulently tender. I was too satiated to properly assess the dumpling dish. Four people, several coconut drink concoctions and Thai ice teas, just over $20 per person including generous tip for far too much food and boxes to go. Items served in successive waves as requested rather than dumped on the table all at once. If you park in the back you enter through the kitchen -- prep, cooking areas, dining room and even bathroom crystal clean. Really enjoyed ourselves, even without alcohol.

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  1. i love this place.
    i recommend the prik pao and the prik king.
    all their salads are terrific.

    1. Was just there last Friday. Sad/Good? that we go there enough that they know we always want the green mango salad, no cilantro, as soon as we walk in.

      But I wanted to second that shrimp dish. Last Friday was the first time we've had it. Wife and I were blown away by the dish. Absolutely loved the sauce. The menu description doesn't do it justice. We were both scraping the sauce off the dish and mixing some of the veggies into our rice just to get more of the flavor.

      We've been pretty happy with almost everything we've tried. We do like the wok "hay" in the pad kee mow. The only thing we haven't liked was the clams in chili sauce. The one time we had it, the clams were kind of gritty and the sauce was okay.

      On top of the green mango salad, the two of us usually also order at least one noodle dish, a curry dish and a bonus dish just so we have lunch leftovers. Add on two Thai iced teas/coffee and our bill comes up to less than $40 before tip. Great deal!

      Thai Boom might not be the best ever Thai, but it's pretty good and considering the fact we can walk to it and their fantastic prices, it's a great Westside spot for us.

      1. Thai Boom rocked my world the last time I was there. I remember ordering a beef dish called "Tiger Cry" which which brought me tears of joy, and ditto the mango, sticky rice, and cream dessert. I can't wait to go back. Just awesome grub!

        Thai Boom
        10863 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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          I just want to emphasize again how amazing that mango dessert is.

          People don't usually plan on dessert at Asian restaurants for good reason. The dessert is usually tacked onto the menu with little thought as a token effort to please the western crowd. I mean lets face it, as fantastic and variegated as Asian cuisines are, they're not generally known for their desserts.

          This mango and sticky rice dish is the exception. Order it. I don't care how full you think you are. It's some of the best comfort food you will ever put in your mouth. I give it over 9,000 stars.

        2. I agree with the thread title.

          1. Been a fan for a number of years, haven't been in a while but plan to take some friends between Xmas And New Years. Has anyone else had some memorable dishes recently???

            1. I agree that this is the best of West LA Thai, we went Wednesday and had spectacular service (the meal was better timed and presented than any of our much more expensive dinners out). My SO is a huge fan of pad thai and always orders it the first time she's at a thai place, "to best compare them." as she put it. The pad thai completely blew me and her away, easily the best version of that dish I've ever had. I was looking for something on the lunch menu I've had before, a Chicken Prik Pao or something along those lines, but it wasn't on the dinner menu, there was a shrimp version of it, I think, but I wasn't feeling like Shrimp, so we got instead the Catfish dish. The catfish was an enormous platter of breaded pieces of catfish dressed very lightly with a perfectly accenting sauce (did not smother the flavor at all, and so lightly you had to look to see it was there, as it didn't affect the crispyness of the batter either) and topped with lightly fried basil leaves (which were amazing) and served with some thinly julienned vegetables. My only disappointment was that it could have used a bit more of accoutrement rather than just being a big pile of fish, but the whole meal was delicious and a wonderful experience.

              we also shared a small wonton soup, she brought us out a ladle, and two small bowls so we could serve ourselves from the single soup bowl, we just mentioned we wanted to split a soup and a perfect serving arrangement was made. Wonderful.

              1. Great meal the other night - "Waterfall Salad", highly recommended!

                1. Thank you for mentioning the sparkling bathroom--that is part of the dining experience. I am
                  More relaxed when I know what I am I for.

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                    Went to this place, party of 6, on Saturday for dinner based on recc from this board. Food definately substandard. "Crying Tiger" was same dry, tasteless beef in the beef salad. Did not have whole fish but directed us to trout filet as shown on the "specials' card on table. Fish crispy but overcooked. Not the best Westside Thai by any stretch!

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                      Have you tried the newish Ekkamai on Washington Blvd. in Mar Vista by any chance? Petty damn good Thai food (exceptional green curry)...

                      13223 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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                        Yeah... we used to make 'do' with Thai Boom (although most of the time we were more than up to the trek to Pa Ord), but now Ekkamai in the neighborhood, there is no competition as to the 'best westside thai' anymore...


                        Thai Boom
                        10863 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

                        13223 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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                          imho, Ekkamai serves the very best Veggie Spring Rolls that i've tasted, PERIOD.

                          on the other hand, their shrimp pad thai, imho, doesn't compare to the version served at Ayara. The Ekkamai version was more brownish-looking and had a sort of strange, off-putting, "fishy" taste (not fish sauce taste, but something different). i suspect that it had less (or no) tamarind in it to offset this taste.

                          that said, i've been back to Ekkamai at least 4 times in the last three weeks for their superlative veggie spring rolls.

                          re: thai boom
                          the dish i would recommend you get there is their Prik Pao.
                          also, the majority of their salads are very good.

                          re: ayara
                          they are the go-to place for the Thai airline flight crews that fly into LAX. they know how to cook more authentically than they let on. If you 'know your stuff' you can request off-menu dishes, but they are not likely to take a newbie by the hand and risk serving you food that is too strange or spicy for you to stomach.

                          fwiw, imho, all the westside thai restaurants have some dishes that are good, and others that are not good. none of them provide an "across-the-board" wonderful menu. still, i'd rather rotate among the westside restaurants than undertake the bataan death march that LA driving has become to get to the better Thai food northeast of here.