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Jul 24, 2008 02:27 PM

Help me get this emulsification right

It is a blend of vegetable oil, roasted and skinned jalapenos, garlic, lime juice, and salt. The end result should be like a slightly runny homemade style mayonnaise. What is the trick to emulsifying this correctly?

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  1. For a stable emulsion it helps to add something with lecithin, such as egg yolk or mustard. Otherwise it will come together, but then separate, like basic oil/vinegar vinaigrette. A little honey may help too.

    1. I would start out by making essentially a mayo with the egg yolk, oil, lime juice, and a bit of mustard. Whiz the jalapenos, garlic, and salt separately; and then blend the two together.

      1. I would suggest a blender...

        Seriously, a practiced hand with the right kind of bowl and a balloon whip can make a semi-stable emulsion of oil and acid, but a blender will do that while also chopping up the solid components. You don't indicate whether this needs to stay emulsified permanently - most dressings need to do that only until they're mixed into the salad - but if so, then jlbwendt and Sam are correct about needing some egg or whatever.

        1. Unless you use an egg you'll never get a result like runny mayo. It may emulsify but it will be like a vinaigrette and not a mayonnaise.

          1. if you have a food processor where the add-in spout cover cup thingy has a little hole in it, that's supposed to be where you put the oil so that you get the perfect tiny stream of oil.