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Jul 24, 2008 01:46 PM

Steak Fries

I am an insane woman--worse than someone with PMS--looking for Steak Fries. Doesn't any place in this world serve them anymore? I absolutely love them and can't find a single place that makes them. Just plain steak fries--no cheese, no sauce, just the little guy from the dirty underground.
I will go to Philly, Bucks County, Pa. and Hunterdon/Somerset Counties NJ to satisfy this craving. I go to new places and this is the first question I ask them. NO one has them!!!!! Help please!!!!

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  1. It seems like most places these days use the batter coated type. You could always buy a small fryer and make them yourself, it's not really that hard.

    1. Red Robin - All you can eat steak fries.