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Jul 24, 2008 01:22 PM

Dinner in a private room for a group??

Hi all!

My boss's wife has asked me for a very specific request... she wants to find a restaurant where a group of 10 people can eat in their own private room. She says they need a private room because this is an important meeting and they need to work while they eat. However, it's mostly people from small towns so they were excited about the food in Montreal. In terms of specifications, she said that she doesn't care about the type of food, as long as it's good. However, I suggested sushi and she said that she wanted more selection than just sushi...

I have to admit, I'm at a loss! Any ideas?!
Thank you!

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  1. What part of the city are you looking at, and is this for lunch or dinner? There are quite a few restaurants that can accommodate 10 people in a private room, so a few more specifics would help...

    1. You don't mention location or budget, so I'll just throw out that Au Bistro Gourmet on St-Mathieu near de Maisonneuve has a private room upstairs. I was there for a Xmas party last year and I think we were about 10-12. Classic French, not too expensive, and not overly fancy. They have a table d'hôte both at lunch and dinner.

      2100 St-Mathieu (coin Maisonneuve
      )(514) 846-1553

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        Thanks guys!

        This is for a dinner and it seems that their budget is quite flexible, for no other reason than that she didn't mention it, whereas she usually does when she asks for recommendations. In terms of part of the city, I think either the Plateau, Mile-end, Downtown, or Old Montreal.

        Thanks again so much!

      2. You could look into Le Méchant Boeuf in Nellligan Hotel on St Paul Street in the Old Port, they do have a private room and the parking would be free..also..anyone could stay the night!

        Good luck!