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Jul 24, 2008 01:20 PM

Any Guatemalan restaurants in the Dallas area?

Title says it all. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. BTW, Pollo Campero doesn't count.

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  1. My understanding is that Gloria's, a local chain, offers both Salvadoran and Mexican. A Salvadoran friend said she likes Gloria's and recommended it to us for its Salvadoran food. There is a Gloria's on Greenville south of Mockingbird, on Lemmon near Wycliffe, and I believe also off the Toll Road at Beltline.

    Are Guatemalan and Salvadoran similar at all? I have no idea. Is Gloria's even authentic in its Salavadoran food, I can't say. I do like the food though.

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      i have a good recommendation: Rembrandt's. it's a great place down near the West End. really nice people and they stay open until midnight, which is fantastic if you're downtown and looking for someplace that's open late. (i love places that will keep late-night hours.) from what i gather, they serve dutch food. i dont know if that's similar to guatemalan but i do like it

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        Guatemalan food is unique. There may be some similarities, but it's not Salvadoran. Still, Gloria's is good, no matter what kind of food you're looking for.

      2. There are some places on Davis Street in Oak Cliff. And there is always Pollo Campero.

        Pollo Campero
        3434 W Illinois Ave, Dallas, TX 75211

        1. La Mejor, Panaderia Guatemalteca. 2717 E. Belt Line Rd., Carrollton

          I haven't been myself although not for lack of wanting to go, but it answers the question.

          More information here:

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            Definitely check out La Mejor. I have been there a couple of times and its great. The tamales are huge and they come with a side of plantains. They have a few different types of papusas also. My only issue with it is I'm just not that familiar with the food and dont really know what to order. That makes it more fun though, just order random stuff based on the pics on the menu.

          2. As FYI for anyone who is interested, there is a new Guatemalan restaurant at Marsh and Rosemeade in Carrollton. It is called "Los Guichitos". I have eatern there twice. Once I got their 'guichito' which I thought was really good. The other time, I got the fish special which I didn't think was particularly good. I am not overly familar with Guatemalan food but it seems very authentic and I am excited to go back and try their tacos or maybe get their guichito again.

            1. Los Guichitos in Carrollton opened not to long ago. My friend who is from Guatemala and just got back from there after an extended stay says it's a pretty good one.