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Jul 24, 2008 01:15 PM

Dinner for a large group of people

I am going down to New Orleans at the very end of August and need some suggestions to go with a large group of people (18). We are already going to Jaquimo's and Tejaque's and are looking for one final meal that is slightly nicer in ambiance but still fun and not outrageously expensive. Does anything fit this bill? if not please let me know any other place at all that might just be good for a party of this size.

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  1. there is a private room up front at Dickie Brennan's.
    or there are private rooms with balconies at Ralph's on the Park.
    you could start with drinks in the Seance Room of Muriel's and stay there for dinner.
    if you want fun and you like belly dancers, Jamila's can handle larger parties.

    other options are: Bayona, Bacco, Brennan's, Commander's, NOLA, K Paul's, August, Cochon, Mr. B's, House of Blues...not sure what outrageously expensive is to your group, but one of these should be accommodating. you can always check online beforehand to check menu prices.
    or you could set a menu with the restaurant at a certain price giving a few options for each course. it's summer and it can be slow, so you might have an easier time than you think setting this up.
    thanks for coming!

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    1. re: edible complex

      Thanks, we were hoping to keep it to $80-$90 a person including booze and tip. You mentioned a whole bunch of places here, if you could pick 3 or 4 from that whole list which would it be? I read decent things about K Pauls and Bayanas in Zagat. NOLA can not handle a party our size and Commader's seems a little out of our budget.

      1. re: gae204

        Bayona and Kpaul's are both good, but if commander's is out of your budget, so are those two. Unfortunately, most of the places e.c. listed are essentially in the same price category - give or take a few bucks. However, I would think house of blues and Mr. B's would be cheaper options. Personally, I would get a private room at Commander's or Ralph's. The rooms at ralph's are great - balconies overlooking city park. Oh, and get the pork with p&j oysters if you end up there. Cochon appears cheaper at first, but by the time you add up all the "small plates" it ends up being more than the higher end places. Case in point - dinner for four at cochon (no drinks) cost more than 4 fixed price dinners we ate at commander's the very next night.

        1. re: gae204

          Oops, did not see this, before I posted. In my cases, the per/head price was probalby in the US$150/diner range, though I did pick the wines, so that would pump it up a bit.

          Commander's, however great, is probalby out of the budget range.



          1. re: gae204

            call the restaurants and ask for a banquet manager or group salesperson. if you can work up a menu, given your price perimeters, then they could print special menus for your guests showing the selections for the evening. pick your wines beforehand too.

            I did just read on another board that Pelican Club is offering their coolinary menu on Sat. evenings at $30pp for 3 courses.
            some of the others may work with you on extending their coolinary menus to your group.

        2. Herbsait, Cochon, Bayona, Delmonico

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          1. re: cheesegrater

            Just did Bayona, and it was great. Still, for a party of 4, we got out for about US$125/person, with good wines.

            Delmonico is also good (two trips back), but with wine, it ran ~ US$175/person.

            Cochon was excellent (two trips back), but I'd really call ahead for a party of that size. Price, even with wines (nice little list, that compliments the fare well), it should fit the budget.

            Have not done Herbsaint, recently enough, to make a comment.


            Delmonico Restaurant & Bar
            1300 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

            930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

            430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

            701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

          2. I've hosted dinners at Commander's Palace for groups from 12 to 28, and no one has ever been disappointed. These were pre-K and "jackets for gentlemen" were required. Still, the restaurant never missed a beat, and some of these groups think more highly of me, than I deserve. Do call ahead and plan with the staff. The food, the service, and the ambiance should blow most of your guests away.


            Commander's Palace Restaurant
            1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

            1. This past spring we did a large group meal at Tony Angelo's. They have a "feed me" option that allows you to experience LOTS of the food that they offer. Also got a chance to go to Nola this year. LOVED the food and the service was impeccable. The also offer a Chef's menu that gives you four courses (I think) for about 60 a person. They also have a banquet facilities and will work with you on menus for large groups.

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              1. re: HrtnNola

                Thanks everyone for all their replies. I will look into a bunch of these. Are there any more in particular you would suggest knowing that the group is mostly male - and by no means are we loud but we are not necessarily looking for a place where we need to wear dinner jackets.

                Thanks again.

                1. re: gae204


                  Not to worry. I am the last hold-out for dinner jackets. Since we do not "cruise," I need a reason to wear mine...

                  Actually, the recs. are mostly upper-end casual - slacks, and a collared shirt. NOLA restaurants have changed over the decades. Very few places impose the tie & jacket "required." Now, I'm less a fan of this aspect, but it does allow for folk to dine at spots, that would have been more strict, in years past. Still, if dining out, even in my now hometown of Phoenix (even in Summer), I alwasy wear a jacket, if it's after about 3:00PM. But, that's just me, and I am decidedly old school.

                  While I have never been a fan of Tony Angelo's, HrtnNola's post sounds great, and it HAS been years, since we last dined there.

                  F-I-L, had some kind of in there, and insisted that we do it, all of the time. This was all pre-K, so maybe much has changed. I try to keep an open mind, and not dwell too much in the past.



              2. I think Dante's Kitchen would be a great fit for y'all. We got reservations for dinner when a friend of mine graduated from college - they gave us a whole room and it is an intimate place, but not a place you'd have to be afraid of being too loud OR have to wear a jacket.

                They also use A LOT of fresh ingredients...whenever I go there, I can usually get out with a couple of drinks, shared app and entree for about $60.

                Dante's Kitchen
                736 Dante Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

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                1. re: cor

                  I will look into Dante's Kitchen. I also was thinking about Herbsaint. Any thoughts?

                  1. re: gae204

                    check your price points on can get high fast.