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Jul 24, 2008 01:04 PM

What places must i check out in the italian market?

Just moved into an apartment on 9th and i'm a major foodie and a good cook, so advice on cool places to eat and shops to pick up the best fresh and exotic ingredients are appreciated.

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  1. I love Claudio's. They have a huge selection of cheese. The guys behind the counter are all very nice and more than willing to let you sample any cheese before you buy. The olives are also delicious.

    Check out my review

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      I'll second Claudio's (I highly recommend the lemon riccota) and add in my other must-visit place, D'Angelo's. Sonny's meats and sausages are fantastic, and the man really knows his stuff - I hear he's also quite curmudgeonly on occassions, but I've never experienced it.

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        I'll second D'Angelo's for meat. They are fantastic and you can get just about anything you need.

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          Ali, how do you use the lemon riccota? It sounds incredible.

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            I think it's properly called tricotta al limone and is a baked buffalo ricotta. It's pretty fantastic and will go in cheesecake the next time I get enough of it. For now, I pretty much serve it as dessert with balsamic strawberries or balsamic figs. (Or if you're me, that can also serve as a night and light breakfast/lunch/dinner.)

      2. international cheeses - dibruno's
        moz - claudio's
        bread - sarcone's
        hoagies - sarcone's
        vietnamese sandwiches - o

        1. Fante's has an amazing selection of kitchen supplies.

          1. Claudios for Mozzarello and Sarcones for bread and hoagies and tomatoe pies and rolls.

            1. WOW we are amazingly in tune chowites!
              Claudios - all cheeses, all foods italian (oil, pasta, truffle butter, pesto)
              Sonny D'Angelo's - sausage, meats, especially exotics and his own cures
              Sarcone's - breads and hoagies from the deli (they also sell pizza shells which are a nice cheat!)
              A slice of pizza from Lorenzo's window at 9th and Christian.
              If you aren't going to one of the local farmers markets, go to Anastasio's produce on Christian just west of 9th across from Sabrina's - it has produce displayed on Saturday but is open everyday and has WAY more that you see - if you want something, ask. They supply many of the better local restaurants. you can almost always get baby arugula, baby artichokes, fancy mushrooms, etc. If you give them some notice they can get you all kinds of things (notice=24/48 hrs)
              Fante's for kitchenware and to get your knives sharpened while you wait.
              I love Claudios, but go south to Mancuso's (1900(?) South Passyunk) for Mozarella and ricotta- whose your daddy? Mr Mancuso is your daddy!
              I prefer Superior pasta on Chritian to Talluto's on 9th, but I go to both.
              Esposito's gets you good/great standard meats (vs D'Angelo's hi-er end/game/cures). Not grass fed or organic/free range - farmers's markets and the reading terminal for that.
              Wander up and down and get the best price on staples - lemons, limes, peppers, etc.
              Finally, Anastasi's Seafood is good at 9th and Washington has good seafood, the best in the metro area (IMHO) is Ippolito's at 13th and Dickenson - which is near Mancuso's so worth the trip, but Anastasi's has a restaurant and bar, which can be welcome relief at the end of the shopping trip!