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Jul 24, 2008 12:31 PM
Discussion sticky rice cooking basket stinks!

My husband got me a sticky rice cooking pot and basket for my birthday last week. I made a batch of rice, which came out fine, except it picked up a funny flavor, I think from the finish on the basket. So I washed the basket inside and still smells all chemical-y. Now I've got it coated with a baking soda paste inside and out...but when I went in there and sniffed it, I think the smell was even stronger now!

Any ideas how I can get this smell out of the basket? Or am I just gonna have to put up with funny-tasting rice until the finish wears off?

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  1. What is the basket made of? What is the brand?

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    1. re: sandih

      Brand? I have no idea. Mike bought it at the Asian grocery up in Storm Lake. I think it's made of bamboo.

    2. I saw these advertised online and didn't buy them because I was afraid that they would never really be something I could clean. Do you think a mesh strainer or steamer would work just as well? I think this is a problem with bamboo, especially if it is treated with pesticides, (which may be the problem). Anything imported into the US that is made of grass products may indeed by sprayed.

      1. are you talking about the kind of basket that looks like it could double as cone-head hat inverted? Where the pot is an open-ended receptacle?

        1. Update: I let it sit for a couple days with the baking soda paste on it, then gave it another good scrubbing and rinsing. Didn't notice the weird smell or taste after that.