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Jul 24, 2008 11:36 AM

[DFW] Randy's Taco Snacks [DFW]

On a recent trip out and about I saw a team of trucks at a convenience store just off Buckner and I-30. They seemed to have about 12 of 15 vans parked around the same convenience store (Texaco at NEC of N Buckner Blvd and John W Rd). Does anyone know what these are or any information about them?

I couldn't figure out why they would have so many vans either selling/stocking/producing at one convenince store. It was very puzzling.

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  1. I found this website.

    15 to a case for $18....that $1.20 for a frozen burrito. Can anyone provide any taste test feedback. I am just curious is all.

    1. These vans belong to a food delivery service-- Randys Fine Foods. They are located on Dilido Road in Dallas, just around the corner from the convenience store location. Don't know why they were gathering at the store. I have a flyer from them as I am looking for a food delivery store. I have not tried them out and not sure of the prices or food quality. The phone number is 214-32-8400 if you would like to call them.

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        "Dilido Road"

        That road is one letter away from being a complete disaster

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          I wasn't going to go there....glad you did!

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            It was all I could do to resist temptation. Heh, heh.