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Jul 24, 2008 11:22 AM

Multipurpose Cooking Tools/Gadgets

I've been using a couple of items for awhile now that have great multitasking potential:

This one isn't a cooking gadget to start with, but a sewing gauge is an excellent way to measure things in the kitchen (including when you roll out dough) when you are feeling particularly "anal retentive":

I bought a wok scrubber over Christmas, before I had a wok, and it turns out it is the best thing I've found to clean graters:

It sort of looks like this, but doesn't have a handle - sort of a tight horse shoe shape of bristles:

Lastly, it finally occurred to me that I could use my zester to make lovely "strips" of carrots:

Any tools that you've found great other uses for:

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  1. Here's a photo of what I have that I think is a wok brush:

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      My mother has one of those next to the prep sink in her kitchen; she uses it for scrubbing vegetables like potatoes and carrots!

    2. I have weak hands. This multi-opener tool has made a huge difference for me - it is better than any other type I've tried. I found mine at Sears, but this link has a photo:

      1. I use small plastic paint scrappers as pot scrubbers and inside the micro/convection oven when things spill and cook on. Really gets up anything stuck on and does not scatch the surface, saves my nails too!