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Jul 24, 2008 11:18 AM

Good Restaurant in GTA for whole wheat pasta?

Any suggestions? Any other healthy eating dining options that are good?

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  1. Il Fornello has a nice thin multigrain crust option or spelt crust. Their veggie toppings are fresh. I like their location at Bayview Village but they have several other spots across Toronto They have a nice lunch special mini pizza and salad. Very good value.

    1. Focaccia on Hayden St. near Yonge/Bloor used whole wheat spaghetti in a lunch special I had the other day. Great little spot. Another time I had a ravioli dish I'm dreaming about to this day.

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        1. I recently had a whole wheat pasta dish at Across the Road on Mt. Pleasant near Eglinton. I quite liked it. It came in a nice tomato sauce and had bits of broccoli. The broccoli seemed odd at first, but the dishes was tasty and seemed quite healthy. A number of their dishes seemed to be relatively light or healthy.

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            Rocco's plum tomato serves whole wheat pasta options....can't vouch for the taste, but my italian family members all enjoy their regular pasta offerings so it might be worth a shot.

          2. This is a good thread, because my companions (and I) frequently want "something healthy" that is also chow-worthy. (e.g. they suggest "Fresh" and I scream and run away - they are used to this reaction now - or they keep suggesting Mad Monty's Pub, but I need some downtown or west end options to suggest).

            Whole grain or whole wheat pizza crust, healthy but affordable salads (apparently Terroni doesn't make the cut), brown rice or pasta, organic free-range meats, dairy-free options, the wish list goes on and on...HELP?!?! I can't keep suggesting Live and Fressen. And please don't send me to Il Fornello or other non-chowish destinations.

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              Have you tried Le Cafe Vert on Queen East? It's not completely vegetarian, but they offer vegan choices. Their meat, etc. are supposed to be organic. It's a small place, so might not be good for a large crowd.

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                No, have never tried Cafe Vert. What do you recommend on their menu?

                This thread also reminds me that "sushi" is healthy but so many places use farmed salmon, etc. and I haven't seen brown rice maki in any restaurants (presumably that's a good thing!)

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  Brown Rice Maki at Sushi Island and Mariko.

                  Le Cafe Vert is charming, affordable and has decent food.

                  You can always try the Magic Oven chain as well - a handful of locations around the city. Gets mixed reviews on here, but it seems to be more related to take-out pizza delivery than anything else.

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                    If you're concerned about ethics, try one of jamie Kennedy's restaurants like JK wine bar or Gilead. They specialize in local and organic. I wouldn't say their food is all necessarily healthy, but you can pick and choose.

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                  Try Halleluia. Even seemingly "simple" menu items are amazing - my favourite is the chicken Greek salad. They always put the dressing on the side, too, and you barely even need it. Le Commensal isn't really "chow" worthy, but it's still pretty decent and certainly healthy. -- I'm trying to reply to Food_Tourist but it's posting in the main thread