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Jul 24, 2008 11:00 AM

Who makes the best coconut cream pie in town?

Lambert's makes my favorite coconut cream pie, but when my husband called to order one for my birthday he was told they weren't currently offering it. Seems they rotate their desserts on occasion. Anyone know who makes a comparable (better?) pie?

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  1. i bet if you were to call back lambert's and ask to speak to a chef or manager or emailed telling them of your situation and how you and your husband love this pie, the pastry chef/baker would be more than happy to accommodate you. my guess is you probably had someone on the phone who did not know better or did not feel like taking the time to find out if it would be possible. i guarantee all the products to make that pie are in the kitchen and it really would be as simple as making a small batch of a different filling for the pie shells that they are already baking! just a thought, seeing as it is your favorite.

    1. No question about it, Louisiana Longhorn in Round Rock. It is a custard base with lots of coconut and topped with whipped cream and more coconut. This tastes just like my Grandmother's. They sell pies too. We get them for parties, etc.

      1. Yeah, Lambert's coconut pie was what I was going to suggest as well. Hopefully it'll be back on the menu soon.

        1. I chime in rarely and let it go when this place was under discussion recently, but I am not kidding, I would drive MILES for the Coconut Cream Pie at the Monument Cafe in Georgetown. Crust unremarkable, serving only as a perfect vehicle for the clearly homemade, yummy custard and the real whipped cream. THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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            Having made this pie numerous times at a well known bakery in Central Austin, and knowing other bakers/pastry chefs, my guess most decent bakeries in town that make Coconut Cream pie make the custard and whipped cream from scratch. There is the question of the custard. For some reason, a lot of folks have trouble making the custard. Whipped cream is easy is you've got the right attachment for the Kitchen Aid. Pie crust for some reason is a real political topic in bakeries. I've witnessed breath-taking arguments between bakers/pastry chefs on whether to use shortening or butter as the lipid of choice. I tend to prefer to work with butter, but can see the arguments for shortening, and even the one for using both.

            The real argument, beyond say recipes for the custard (should consist of fresh egg yolks for the most part, IMHO, and preferably vanilla beans freshly scraped, and not the extract, for best flavor), is the matter of the coconut. As far as I know, everyone in Austin uses pre-flaked coconut (which comes in plastic bags inside cardboard boxes. This is a pretty decent product, but one can't help but think that freshly ground coconut flakes would make the best pie, all else equal. I would caution however that this is a very labor intensive process, and the profit margins on baked goods is already very small.

            If there was someone who could serve Coconut Cream Pie with freshly grated coconut, there would be little doubt in my mind that this would be the best version in town. If anyone knows of someone doing this (I doubt even the Driskill, Whole Foods, Upper Crust and the like does this), please let us know.

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              just thought i'd pass this along. makes my mouth water, and my tummy rumble.


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                  oh, i've had their coconut cream pie before, and it is delish! normally, coconut cream is one of my favorite pies, BUT i have to say out of all of the desserts i've tried at monument, the one i fantasize about is the black bottom banana pie.

            2. If you feel like a drive, head to San Antonio and have a fine slice of pie at DeWese's Tip Top Cafe. Their coconut meringue pie is fantastic. Standing at 4-5" tall with meringue that is as light as a cloud, this is my favorite coconut pie to date. I recommend sitting at the lunch counter where you can’t help but make friends with the staff and other regulars. One time I split a slice of peanut butter pie (heavenly, as well) with a wonderful 85 year old woman who recounted stories San Antonio’s past.