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Jul 24, 2008 10:32 AM

Most creative cooking in London?

I'm a DC hound going to London for a long weekend in a month. I was wondering what restaurants have the most creative/innovative cuisine these days? Of course, without sacrificing quality. Price is not an issue. I don't think there's any way I'm going to be able to get a reservation at Fat Duck at this point, so I'm looking for somewhere else that does delicious food using either interesting flavor combinations, or different techniques, or unusual ingredients.
The only other requirement is that it has to be fairly accessible by train/underground or taxi (without being a $50 taxi ride).

Thanks so much!

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  1. I loved a recent meal at Tom Aikens. Innovative, perfectly executed and delightful, course after course.

    1. So are you looking for the GR type experience? There's always L'atelier de robuchon ar somewhere like Arbrutus, but it's not a Fat Duck type of thing. Very good though.

      I suppose it depends of what you mean my "creative"?


      1. Hibiscus or Maze (but not Maze Grill) both very central.

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          You might want to consider Bacchus in Shoreditch too.

        2. what is a GR experience? I'm being pretty liberal in my use of the word creative. I guess either a) a place that uses unusual/different preparations, a molecular gastronomy type of place like fat duck or alinea b) a place that combines flavors and textures that one wouldn't normally expect to go togheter c) a place that uses somewhat unusual (but non-offal) ingredients. I have been to the L'atelier de Joel Robuchon in both Tokyo and Vegas and loved it both times, but would want to pick something different this time. But that would be a good example of the type of place - I had an asparagus cappucino last time I was there and it was delightful.

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            GR stands for Gordon Ramsay and Maze is one of his. The chef there - Jason Atherton is very creative and pretty hot at the moment, thus it is the GR restaurant that is probably the most creative today.

            A lot of recent London openings are classic French restaurants, rather than cutting edge creative. It is worth giving the Duck a call, you may be lucky.

            Best thing to do is look at the menus on the web sites of the four we have recommended - I think they all do bits of a, b, and c depending on the dishes on the menu that day and what you choose, the Duck is probably the most purist molecular restaurant however Heston's set menu will usually have some quite traditional classic courses between more adventurous courses (we had a roast pigeon winter vegetables the time we went). Here are the links: