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Jul 24, 2008 10:28 AM

Trendy, Tasty, and Affordable Sushi Restaurant?

Hello everyone:

I have some family coming in from overseas and I would like to take them to a trendy and tasty sushi restaurant. The majority of sushi restaurants in the city that I frequent have good food, for a horrible atmosphere, were we to want a nice evening out. Any suggestions on a trendy, tasty, and affordable Sushi restaurant in Toronto?

Hope I am not asking for too much :)

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  1. Not sure what you consider affordable (it's slightly more than some sushi in the city, but you're paying for quality and I don't find it excessive), but I like Take-sushi on Front at Yonge - don't think it qualifies as trendy though.

    Blowfish at King and Bathurst is trendy and pretty tasty (fusion style sushi), but it's on the more expensive side (not as expensive as say Kaji though).

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      Blowfish would be an excellent choice for this. Love their options and Sake list.

    2. New Generation Sushi on Bloor between Spadina and Bathurst is wonderfully cheap and of decent quality. The taste and variety is amazing! Also it is quite busy so the fish is always fresh and the service is quite friendly ALWAYS!. Enjoy.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. Keep them coming. All good suggestions so far. With regards to what I consider "expensive", that would be maki rolls in the $15 price range. Rolls in between $5-12 I would deem affordable.

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          I have been going to EMATEI on St. Patrick lately...find it reasonable price-wise not as cheap for sure as most of the places on Bloor West (the Annex) but it has always been super fresh and the surroundings are very pleasant and laid-back, the staff are courteous and the service is prompt. I like it very much..used to go up to Eglinton & Avenue Road to Sasaya but the ownership changed and I think it has not been for the better. Both of these places are 'quiet' is able to have a conversation without shouting across the table like so many of the places on Bloor Street West.

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            Here's Blowfish's website, if you want to check out the prices:

          2. I would definitely second TakeSushi for excellent quality and taste. Their lunch sushi plate is a bit out of your safety zone for price range ($18), and for dinner it goes to $23. However, their rolls are significantly cheaper. I would second New Generation for price, but I would have to say that I may not necessarily treat a true sushi gourmand to this joint, as the presentation is a bit (quite) lacking (poorly, but generously, cut fish, heavy handedness in the sauces in the rolls, etc.). When I was a student at U of T, I frequently relied on this restaurant for a cheap sushi fix (as well as neighbouring Sushi Inn in Yorkville), so I am not about to put it down in any way. I probably would have starved to death without them (hurray for the take box - an enormous portioning of food for a ridiculous price). Another cheap recent find of mine would have to be Gal Sushi up at Highway 7 & Bayview. Their fish appears to be quite fresh and you cannot beat the lunchtime price of sushi boxes for $7. The atmosphere, though, is not the best.

            For taste and atmosphere, I would highly recommend Zen. Though it is strangely located in a strip mall in Scarborough (a particularly seedy one at that), the inner décor is very authentic. I would reserve one of their private booths for dining for a party of 6 or less. Though their sushi is not as good as Sushi Marche (which only has take-out), IMO, their cooked dishes are quite strong, as well as their rolls. My favourite roll being their Spider Roll (soft-shelled crab with a wonderful mayo that I usually despise in other restaurants, but find quite pleasant here). The teriyaki dishes tend to be a bit overcooked, but I enjoy their grilled squid, the natto (strangely enough – though not for the faint at heart), the tempura (one of the lightest and crispiest I have ever sampled), and their broth for their udons. In terms of price, their priciest maki checks in at $13 (spider roll). The rest of the rolls vary from approximately $6 (tuna roll) and mainly sit at about $7.50 (Futo Maki). I just happened to have one of their take-out menus handy, so I’m quoting this from the menu directly (prices may have changed slightly since this version, so please don’t be upset if the prices have increased by a couple of dollars!). The chirashi will set you back by about $23, and the Tokujyo Sushi (highly recommended) is approximately $27. Udons are cheaper and are less than $15. The teriyaki dishes are also <$15. Since it appears to be in your price range, and hopefully satisfies your other criteria, I hope it will fit the bill. Cheers and Happy Eating!

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              Please note that there are two Gals up at Hwy 7 in the same area. Make sure you go to the one you intended to go to. I've only been to the one in Times Square - the other one appears to be a bit better decorated, though I cannot attest to the quality of their sushi as I have yet to try it out. Cheers!

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                Before someone decides to jump on me like Teep, let me emphasize that I said Gals was NOT a trendy joint. It was just a cheap find. I just wanted to point that out to people that tend to breeze through posts without reading the history...

              2. re: BokChoi

                The first word in the OP's question is "TRENDY". Which of these fit the bill? (I'm guessing neither Take nor Zen.)

                1. re: Teep

                  OK Teep, hence why I qualified my statements and said for quality and taste, or atmosphere. I was responding to some of the other posts - (perhaps you should take a look at those entries)...I never said that trendy was a hit. OP said they hoped this wasn't too much to ask for, so I gave them my thoughts on the subject for what I thought could fit most of the criteria. Thought a suggestion was better than nothing, because if OP wasn't interested, they could skip my rec, but maybe it would fit someone else's bill. He seemed to be okay with New Generation, and said it was a good rec, so if that was deemed fair game, I decided to put forth my two cents, given the criteria of price range under $15 per roll. But go ahead, make your own suggestion. I am not stopping you from blowing your competition out of the water with your insight.

                  1. re: BokChoi

                    i'm not sure if i saw anywhere in this thread that the New Generation rec was considered a good one by the OP. i'm going to have to agree with Teep that the emphasis here seems to be trendy as the OP knows where to find good sushi, just not sushi with anything that would amount to a nice atmosphere.

                    but mind you, i think the entire request is a near impossibility. i'm actually surprised that the blowfish menu fits within the price requirements as it is easily the trendiest sushi place in toronto. so by and large, that's probably the best suggestion.

                    1. re: pinstripeprincess

                      I would agree with the Blowfish recommendation as well with respect to trendiness - but I have yet to try it. I've been meaning to go since it opened eons ago.

                      Please see this post for the new gen posting:

                      anatolia Jul 24, 2008 02:34PM up above

                      I would have thought the emphasis was on price as OP came back to stipulate the exact price range they were looking for - no comment with regards to New Gen being 'not trendy enough'.

                      I was just addressing a previous post... no offense intended.

                      1. re: pinstripeprincess

                        "i think the entire request is a near impossibility" - couldn't agree more. Even if you drop "affordable" from your wishlist, I think that Toronto really lacks a cool spot to eat great sushi. I've only had one meal at Blowfish, a couple of years ago, but would agree that it's the only spot that comes close.

                2. I think Sado Sushi would be perfect. Do a quick search for the thread on it from a year or so ago.