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Under $20 Entrees in Union Square for Dinner

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Any suggestions? Need dinner before a movie. Would like to stay under $20 for entrees. Staying away from Republic and Chat N Chew due to mixed reviews....Can be close to Union Square, Flatiron, etc. I'm willing to walk

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  1. maxie's bar and grill for burgers, went the other night and was pleasantly surprised. its on park and 19th.

    1. Via Emilia, on 21st St., b/t PAS & B'way. Delicious homemade pastas with lasagna being the standout. No reservations unless you're a party of 6 (and I think that's only on Monday and Tuesday). However, if you will be eating early, you should be able to get a table without a long wait. Cash only.


      1. Petite Abeille

        1. Bar Stuzzichini not far from US

          1. Old Town Bar isn't known for its cuisine, but for old New York atmosphere, it's wonderful.

            1. What about Punch? 913 Broadway. I have never tried it, but when I asked people for their favorite restaurants that were rarely mentioned on Chowhound, someone gave it a rave review. And most entrees are under $20. http://punchrestaurant.com/

              1. Wildwood BBQ

                1. i would just go to republic. It's cheap and satisfying if not "authentic" or "amazing" food. Plus the space even after all these years is great.