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Jul 24, 2008 10:21 AM

Under $20 Entrees in Union Square for Dinner

Any suggestions? Need dinner before a movie. Would like to stay under $20 for entrees. Staying away from Republic and Chat N Chew due to mixed reviews....Can be close to Union Square, Flatiron, etc. I'm willing to walk

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  1. maxie's bar and grill for burgers, went the other night and was pleasantly surprised. its on park and 19th.

    1. Via Emilia, on 21st St., b/t PAS & B'way. Delicious homemade pastas with lasagna being the standout. No reservations unless you're a party of 6 (and I think that's only on Monday and Tuesday). However, if you will be eating early, you should be able to get a table without a long wait. Cash only.

          1. Old Town Bar isn't known for its cuisine, but for old New York atmosphere, it's wonderful.