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Jul 24, 2008 10:16 AM


I'm sure when any of us have out of town guests, 1 of the first questions is where to take them to eat. I had my 80ish non CH parents in town for a few days. Lunch with dad was a Speed's dog (split)..unfortunately, he can't stand too long and had to eat in the for neatness we went with only mustard/relish..still great and a big hit.

They love Chinese and have hit Chinatown with me, but after reading of the recent great chowdinner, I decided to "stretch" a little and try Fuloon..with the caution that Szechuan can be spicy. We ordered a lot of the faves from last weeks dinner..bang bang chix, spicy wontons, tea smoked duck (we got a great 1), spicy cabbage..and a Cantonese shrimp with lobster sauce..1 of my father's favorite dishes and Fuloon did a great version...along with everything else. Fuloon did a superb job of keeping some heat; but not overwhelming. Not as much heat as I generally prefer but more user friendly for the crowd..:)

Thx to CH for steering me to Fuloon...and pointing out how easy it is to reach via T. I think I'll be spending some time on the Orange Line in the near future.

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  1. I have mentioned this before but there is a very nice place with a nice bar along the way from Malden Station to Fuloon. It is called All Season's Table. He have gone there and had a drink and then gone to Fuloon several times.

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      I'll recommend All Season's Table as well, although the best stuff I've had there had been from the appetizer/raw side of the menu.

      1. re: Chris VR

        I second the rec to focus on the apps as they seem a bit more creative and artfully done. The grilled squid is especially good.

        Regular dinner items are fine, but going for a selection of apps is my favorite meal at All Seasons.