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Jul 24, 2008 10:11 AM


I'm going to Myers+Chang tonight - any recommendation as to what to order? Thanks.

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  1. search the board, plenty of info there.

    1. going tonite as well...Dan Dan Noodles always a must order as well as Tigers Tears

      1. Went a couple of weeks ago with a group of five and tried several dishes. It is a small plates concept and all the food comes out as it is ready. The few dishes which I remember are:

        The tea-smoked pork spare ribs which were delicious! I am not sure how they were prepared but they had a nice smoky flavor and were tender to the bone. Since we enjoyed our first order so much we ordered it again. Unfortunately, the second order was not as tender and smoky as the first. The first order seemed to be smaller ribs which, I think, is what made the difference. But, regardless still a great dish!

        The braised pork belly buns with steamed bao, brandied hoisin, pickled watermelon relish was surprisingly good! I am not usually a fan of traditional pork buns because I find that there is too much bun for the amount of pork. But, these had less bun and more pork and the pork was perfectly sweet and sour with the hoisin.

        The dan dan noodle salad with fresh peanut, chili sambal was ok, not my favorite item of the evening. It was very, very spicy hot but that was it. It had a few peanuts but there weren’t any other vegetables or anything else. So, overall it was just spicy hot which it not something I enjoy.

        The green papaya slaw with chilis, peanuts, lime was wonderful! Nice flavor combination.

        We also had the myers+chang fried chicken with cilantro, lime, sweet and hot dipping sauce. This was great! The chicken was wonderfully crispy and the meat was juicy. Then the cilantro lime dipping sauce was a perfect accompaniment.

        Let us know what you try!

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          My friend and I really enjoyed the restaurant. I particularly liked the Dan dan noodles, Tiger's Tears (very spicy but in not in a food-overpowering way), and pork spareribs (sweet and really tasty). The lemony shrimp dumplings were good (tasting exactly like what the name implies) as was the papaya slaw. I didn't really love the coconut corn bisque, which i thought might have been a bit bland (then again I might just not be a big bisque person)

        2. too late now, but the Chow Fun was superb, as were the chive and pork dumplings.

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          1. re: lizzoob

            The thing that bothered me about Myers & Chang was the fact that you can order over-priced chow fun and chive and pork dumplings. In my opinion, good, but definitely no better than a place in Chinatown. Other dishes sounded fun and unique on the menu, however nothing was mind-blowing. Would I return? neh.

          2. I went there once, that was enough. Nothing extraordinary. Service was pretty awful. The server was condescending. They weren't even around for most of the time, someone dropped a glass and no one picked it up for at least 10 minutes. The food was hit or miss. I liked the sea bass in hot pot, but not a good summer dish. Most of the other dishes were just boring.