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Jul 24, 2008 10:08 AM

courthouse king street blues?

i've just had their turkey chili, which is good enough to satisfy a turkey chili craving if you add enough tabasco sauce. i was wondering about their ribs though? they claim they're the best around. and particularly their country fried steak? how is their dinner stuff?

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  1. I went about 6 months ago and found their ribs dry and chewy. I really like barbecue so I was really dissapointed. My friends ordered some other stuff (pulled pork sandwich, a burger) and were also not thrilled. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing but I have not been back.

    1. The food is just average -- think Nachos with canned cheese sauce. Okay for a nibble if you're having a drink, but not a place I would recommend for dinner (especially when there are so many good alternatives nearby).

      1. Haven't been there in years...since the original outpost in old town Alexandria was still newish.
        I just looked at their online menu, and I'm disappointed to see that my favorite dish, which was a bowl with pasta, and all kinds of stuff layered on it seems to no longer be available.

        1. The original comment has been removed