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Jul 24, 2008 10:02 AM

Anyone know anything about Washoku Cafe bento box deliveries?

I work in the Rock Center area and everyday at lunch there is a person with a big bag of bento boxes standing outside of 1251 7th Avenue waiting for people to pick up their lunches. Today I asked him for the menu. His English wasn't good, but he handed me a weekly menu from Washoku Cafe. I tried to google it and found nothing. Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. You need to put your search item in quotes. Washoku is a Japanese word. Without the quotes, you'll get a lot of info not relevant to what you're looking for.

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      Thanks for doing the legwork! Looks interesting. I feel really naive, but the problem is, I don't feel like they give enough detail on their "menu" to be able to intelligently order. I'm hoping some people on the board have had the food.

    2. I've gone in there a few times. LOVE this place. I tend to get things from their salad case (hijiki salad, boiled spinach, mackerel, salmon, etc). They have fantastic homemade desserts made by an in house pastry chef. Plus, they are just about the CLEANEST restaurant I've ever seen, and really FRIENDLY. Major after work discounts as well. Best to pop in and see for yourself, as it's pretty rad.