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What's your favorite thing to do with chevre?

Calling all chevre recipes. I purchased a big block of it at Costco. I'm especially interested in dessert and summertime no-heat ideas. What's everyone favorite way with the stuff?

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  1. i like to make an italian torta and serve with crostini or crackers. mmmmm...


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      Ha! I just made that very thing, more or less! I had the remains of a log of chevre, a container each of homemade pesto and tapenade in the freezer, and some sun dried tomatoes in oil (which I pureed-ish). You don't even need a recipe.

      Line a small bowl - just large enough to accommodate your ingredients - with plastic wrap. Spoonful of sun dried tomato puree in the bottom, covered with mashed softened cheese patted down. Next a thin layer of pesto covered with more mashed softened cheese patten down. A thin layer of tapenade and covered with cheese. Smush everything down firmly, cover with plastic and refrigerate. When ready to serve, peel off top layer of plastic, invert onto plate and peel off plastic bowl-liner. Serve with bread or crackers.

      You can do this with any amount and combination of spreads. People go gaga over it and it's no work at all, if you have the components already made.

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        You can also press an edible flower into the bottom of the dish when you are assembling it. Like this: http://bistro613.com/?p=441


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          Ooo genius idea!

          By the way, there was about half of this torta left at the end of the evening which I was puzzling over what to do with. The next day, some friends dropped over for a drink so I spooned the mixture out into mushroom caps and baked. I didn't mix up the layers, just spooned it so that the different bits were marbled together - brushed the tops of the mushrooms with just a tiny bit of olive oil before stuffing. On a pan, 400o for about 20 minutes or so. This was so good it was unbelievable.

    2. I assume you mean the cheese and not the meat?

      I make a dip/pate (depending on proportions) of goat cheese, goat yogurt, garlic, mint, lemon juice and peeled broad beans. I boil the beans with unpeeled garlic and then peel them all into the mix.
      Goat cheese also makes great quesedillas.

      1. You mean other than eating it straight out of the package? :-)

        I second the crostini. I slather the cheese on toast and add some roasted red peppers. Another option is to do cheese, thin-sliced prosciutto, and a single slice of pear or apple.

        On the grill you can do a pizza on a pita that takes just a few minutes to make and won't heat up your kitchen. See the recipe here:


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          Yep...right outta the package is great...spread on Garden Herb Triscuits and enjoy with a glass of red wine...heaven on earth! I've also made a torta with a polenta crust...the goat cheese is topped with thin slices of roasted red pepper, yellow squash and zucchini then baked...very good.

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            Bingo. I eat chevre constantly, but I think a baguette (or other bread), spread w/ chevre, toped w/ some juicey roasted red pepper, and maybe a little drizzle of the pepper juice that collected in the bowl is the highest and best use. Salt,basil, evo to guild the lily.

            2nd place...chevre,fig preserves,prosciutto

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              Chevre on a baguette with sun-dried tomatos and tapenade (or even just some chopped kalamata olives), maybe some prosciutto or smoked salmon.

          2. Asparagus and chevre omelette.

            1. See below. Take EVOO, add garlic & misc herbs/aromatics (cilantro & scallions would work great!). Form chevre into a log, harden in fridge for an hour, cut into buttons, place into the evoo mixture. Serve on crackers.


              1. Dollops over over a spinach, bacon and red onion salad served with a dijon vinegraitte. Sliced egg works too...

                1. Here's one I never heard of before having it as an appetizer at the Nougatine Room the other night: cubed watermelon with chevre and pepper. Just delicious and so easy!

                  1. I like to mix with roasted tomatoes, shrimp, fresh basil, and hot pasta.


                    1. Emily Luchetti has a really great goat cheese cake..not a cheesecake but like a souffle cake. Great with some fresh berries & chantilly or some fresh figs & honey


                      1. I made a delicious ginger-chevre tart last winter. Recipe adapted from "California Home Cooking," by Michele Anna Jordan:

                        1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
                        1/4 cup powdered sugar
                        1 tsp vanilla extract
                        1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
                        3/4 cups toasted walnuts

                        10 oz. chevre
                        1/2 cup sugar
                        1 egg
                        1 egg yolk
                        3/4 cup heavy cream
                        2 Tbs. grated fresh ginger
                        2/3 cup coarsely chopped candied ginger

                        Combine butter and powdered sugar in food processor and process until blended. Add vanilla and flour; process to blend. Add walnuts and pulse several times to work in. Gather into a ball, transfer to bowl, cover, refrigerate 1 hour.

                        Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

                        Press chilled dough into a 9 or 10-inch tart pan with a removable bottom. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until the crust is lightly browned. Remove from oven and let cool thoroughly before filling.

                        When ready to bake, set the oven to 350 degrees.

                        Place chevre, sugar, egg, and yolk in the food processor and process until smooth. Add cream and fresh ginger and process again, just until blended. Spread the candied ginger over the bottom of the bake pie crust, pour chevre mixture into crust, and bake for about 25 minutes, until custard is firm and top is pale golden. Cool slightly before serving. (It's good cold or room temp, too.)

                        I served it for a fancy dinner with a Meyer lemon sauce and homemade strawberry liqueur, but it would probably be good with just about any summer fruit.

                        1. If you form it into little balls and roll in toasted crushed almonds, they are devine served on top of a mixed mesclun green salad with dried cranberries and simple EVOO/balsamic/herb viniagrette.

                          I also have had goat cheese served simply with bagel chips and a sundried tomato salsa that was fantastic.....

                          Shrimp/pesto and goat cheese omelette.....

                          Served on crostini with a berry relish of some kind. I've had it this way with a cranberry/pecan relish and it was amazing.

                          1. I actually had chevre this morning on toast with tomatoes and a bit of Dijon mustard. It made an awesome breakfast. My favorite no-heat application is to spread some on half a fig, add a bit of honey, wrap the thing in thinly sliced Serrano ham and drizzle balsamic vinegar over the top. It's a fantastic snack or appetizer.

                            1. I made this salad w/arugula and peaches and goat cheese from Eating Well the other night - I think the recipe says it serves 4 but my husband split it and ate nothing else for dinner . . . it is so delicious.


                              1. My favorite thing is to go out into my veggie garden, pick cherry tomatoes off the vine and stuff them with goat cheese. Pour a glass of wine and life is good.

                                1. I mix crumbled chevre with diced up roasted red pepper and sundried tomato. Can add a bit of basil or arugula, or even bits of salami if you like, but it's also delicious as is. Good as a dip or canape.

                                  I am also a sucker for salads with pear/apple, candied nuts, and chevre.

                                  And I saw this recipe for a carrot cupcake w/ goat cheese icing the other day: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives...

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                                    Same idea as the above posters...this is what I had for dinner the last 2 nights...chopped garden tomatoes, scallion, garlic, olive oil, balsamic, salt, papper, dash of lemon, basil, goat cheese - all mixed up - watched tv with that and toasted baguette rounds

                                  2. Here's another thing to do with chevre. Cut into rounds and pat in breadcrumbs or panko and lighly fry. Serve on a roasted red pepper or piquillo puree.

                                    1. bake small red potatoes, mix with chevre, bacon, chives. stuff, and reheat
                                      mix with herbs and smoked salmon, stuff cherry tomatoes
                                      eggs with herbs and chives on toast
                                      stuff mushrooms, with chevre, bread crumbs parsley, shallots aand tomatoes, bake, top with bread crumbs
                                      sundried tomato chevre - quiche
                                      thinly sliced rare roast beef , roasted red pepper, spread chevre on tortilla, place arugula leaves, roll up and slice.

                                      1. A favorite party dip of mine is:
                                        ~10 oz chevre (softened)
                                        8 oz cream cheese (softened)
                                        1/2 c. fig preserves
                                        black pepper and honey

                                        Combine goat cheese, cream cheese and fig preserves until smooth. Grind a bit of black pepper on top and drizzle with a bit of honey.

                                        1. Toast some kind of whole grain bread with seeds in it (preferably sunflower seeds) and slather it with fresh, soft chevre and top with FRIED GREEN TOMATOES dipped in egg white, cornmeal and seasoning before frying in neutral oil. You can bake these, too. Serve open faced with chopped chives on top.

                                          1. It's not "cold" exactly, but chicken breast stuffed with chevre and prosciutto is great. You can lightly bread and saute them and finish in the oven.

                                            1. On his blog, David Lebovitz has little goats cheese baked custards (sort of like cheesecake in a ramekin) topped with berry coulis/red wine syrup which look really nice.

                                              1. Assuming you mean the meat and not the cheese: barbecued and made into tacos!

                                                1. Terrific on a slice of country bread with a simple piece of roasted red bell pepper and white anchovy atop. It is also good mixed with some boursin and stuffed beneath the skin of a chicken before roasting. It melts and creates a delightful crust in the oven.

                                                  1. Saute a finely chopped shallot, one clove of garlic, some fresh rosemary and chopped pinenuts in a bit of evoo. Remove from heat and add chevre. Mix this all together, and let cool. Stuff inside the skin of a chicken breast and bake.

                                                    1. How 'bout a salad of arugula, chilled roasted beets, chevre, and candied walnuts?

                                                      1. On pizza with eggplant, garlic, and roasted red peppers.
                                                        I've also used it a couple of times recently in the rollatini recipe from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone.

                                                        1. my favorite thing to do with chevre (goat cheese) is to leave it right there in the store for those of you who actually cosume it. I don't like it at all.

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                                                            That's very considerate of you. :-)

                                                            1. I put a dab of it on top of a dried apricot and then top the chevre with a carmelized/candied walnut. Very nice presentation when you have about 20 of them on an apps tray.

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                                                                that sounds lovely, pondrat. do you soak the apricot in anything to soften it up?

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                                                                  I don't.. but a nice apricot schnapps comes to mind if one wanted to soak with a kick :)

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                                                                  I make this with a little thyme mixed in the cheese. Very good.

                                                                3. Mix chevre with freshly ground black pepper (to taste) and grated parmesan or romano. Slice around just the top of a small tomato and scoop out the innards. Stuff with the cheese mixture. Bake around 400 degrees for around 20 mins. Gobble down. :)

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                                                                    oooh, simple but sounds so savory, juicy, tangy. YUM!

                                                                  2. Haven't made it for while, but goat cheese and roasted red pepper souffles cooked in cupcake foil cups are pretty good, or chevre souffle doused with a bit of sweet Thai chile sauce.

                                                                    1. just saw this on rachel ray's "vacation" in portugal:
                                                                      pineapple and chevre dessert ravioli, with cherry and cardamom sauce. sounded intriguing!

                                                                      (hey, don't ya wonder if that fancy restaurant in lisbon (?) was inspired by the old-fashioned american classic: pineapple ring, scoop of cottage cheese, maraschino cherry half on top (bleeding dye onto the creamy white cottage cheese....)?

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                                                                        Thanks for a GREAT childhood flashback !!!

                                                                      2. A favorite of ours is to make a tomato sauce and grill some bread.
                                                                        When it's ready, drop a few disks of goat cheese into the tomato sauce
                                                                        and serve. The cheese melts nicely as the bread is dipped and mixed.

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                                                                          To the softened chevre add chopped pecans, dried, sweetened cranberries and grated orange rind. Mix it all together. Serve with crackers, on celery sticks, or eat it out of the container with your finger as I am doing now! Yum! I get my chevre at the local farmer's market from a nearby goat farmer.

                                                                        2. Make lamb hamburgers stuffed with chevre. Just take about 1/2 ground lamb, divide in half, make two thin patties, put about 2 tbls of chevre between and seal. Grill burgers like any other burger. I like to serve them on focaccia or ciabatta with carmelized onions and roasted bell pepper.