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Jul 24, 2008 09:42 AM

trader joe kosher products

Lots of interesting kosher products at Trader joe's including chocolate batons 70% cacao, choctal ice cream and more. Their vanilla marshmallows will be certified on the packaging soon. The OU site says they are kosher but there is no OU on the package as of yet

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  1. at the one in Woodmere/Beachwood, OH location they had a list of all products with heckshers - and it was a staggering list.

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    1. re: Levial

      Trader Joes is my favorite food source. my ONLY complaint is that they dont have any good kosher fresh mozzarella. they have a brand that is under tablet-K but that isnt a high-enough standard for myself and most orthodox jews. for some reason i cant find a mainstream brand under the OU or similar hechsher. the only fresh mozzarella i can find kosher enough is by jewish companies like "golan," and they arent that good, unfortunately.

      1. re: daverose808

        they do have an OU mozarella under their name trader joe. Look at OU kosher website for all products with an OU hasgacha

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          i think their OU mozarella isnt the kind in a log tho. maybe sliced? at least thats what im thinking bc i have never seen them sell a TJ fresh mozzarella log.

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              i dont understand. i just went to trader joes in merrick today and the only trader joes brand fresh mozzarella, under OU, was the marinated kind. still a long block, but firmer and filled with olive oil and spices. i am still looking for the old-fashioned plain roll or block of fresh mozzarella that trader joes only has under tablet-K.

    2. I recently found a kosher fresh mozzarella with an OU in Gourmet Glatt. The brand was Capiello- a brand I've seen in Trader Joe's, but only in a regular brick of Mozzarella. It wasn't that good though.

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      1. they do not have mozarella as described above