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Jul 24, 2008 09:41 AM

Restaurant in Centralia/Chehalis WA

Someone told me about a place in either Centralia or Chehalis with Mediterranean food. Didn't get a name. Anyone know about it?

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  1. Yes, it's Boccata on Tower Ave near Maple.

    He's a terrific cook. And an idiosyncratically adventurous one. It's his own spin on Mediterranean so if you are purist, tough luck. If he was in Seattle he'd be given the recognition he deserves. Especially for his dinner menu.

    They only serve dinner on weekends and are closed on Sunday and Monday.
    Basically the best lunch place in town.

    I think La Tarasca is going down hill really fast and they keep raising their prices while giving out smaller portions.

    Boccata is a much nicer alternative. He makes really good desert of the day, too. So don't miss it.

    You can Google them for more info.

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    1. re: gala

      I look forward to trying Boccata.

      I am only able to stop in Centralia a couple of times a year. I have made it a point to stop at La Tarasca. Last week I was in and had the best meal yet. I had the Chile Colorado. The best tortillas I have ever eaten. They were hot, fresh, and better than any that I tried while living in the Southwest or on visits to Mexico. The salsa was a nice change from texmex. I left feeling full and happy.

      If Boccata is as good, or better - I'm there!

      1. re: gala

        Agree - I live in Centralia and it is one of my favorite places. Try the grilled eggplant sandwich for lunch (I usually hate eggplant but Darin does something great to it so it's never slimy) or #6 (mozarella, prosciutto, red pepper). Ummm... I think I'm headed there for lunch tomorrow!

        If you can't decide what to order, ask Darin, the owner/chef - he will usually come out of the kitchen to chat with you and make recommendations.

        In Chehalis, the Market Street Bakery in downtown has wonderful pastries, great coffee. Try the icelandic pastry "vienabreid" (no idea on correct spelling), grab a loaf of freshly baked bread, and don't forget a bag of homemade dog bones, made by the owner's 6 y/o daughter. My dogs love them.

      2. The Bocatta can be found on the web. Now open Monday thru Saturday for lunch and Wednesday thru Saturday til 9pm for dinner. ( Hours stated on web have recently been changed to the hours above.) Absolutely wonderful traditional mediterranean food. I had cannelloni last night and would not share! My husband said that their seafood stew was the best he had in a long while and distinctly Mediterrainean. Go... often,enjoy!!