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Jul 24, 2008 09:32 AM

Parker Square/Flower Mound lunch spots?

Any one have any recommendations of restaurants in or near Parker Square in Flower Mound for lunch?

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  1. Since I live just a few blocks away....I will just give you all the restaurants in the center

    It is open for lunch but seems on the high end as far as price

    Same idea here....high priced

    Thai Tango - I have never been here b/c I can't afford it. I ususally drive to Plano for Jasmine Thai - Old Review

    Mi Cocina - Typical high end tex mex

    Fredericos Burger Bistro - I think this one must be brand new b/c I haven't seen it. They just added a new addition recently.

    This is all that is in Parker Square. I don't typically eat ther b/c the places are a bit expensive and I have not heard any raving reviews.

    Mi Patio - My rec would be avoid it all and go to Mi Patio on Main in Lewisville for Tex-Mex and Salva-Mex....The Salvadoran here is really tasty I especially like the pupusas de loroco, and papusas de frijol. The fried yucca with carnitas is also pretty tasty. The papusas are pretty much what I go for and their curtido is house made (fermented in pineapple juice). Same shopping center as Big Lots and Popeye's Chicken

    Dat's Good BBQ - Not great but will suffice is Dat's Good BBQ that recently moved from downtown Lewisiville to Main street across from Lewisville HS. Can't really recommend any particular meat over another but the sides are where it is at. I would recommend getting two helpings of the greens (they are addictive). Very friendly people who run the place...defintie family owned! The que could have changed b/c it has been a while since I last went...maybe 6 months or so (before the move).

    Old Town Meat Market just off Main & Mill in downtown Lewisville. A competing BBQ place is actually a meat market. The brisket was decent on a recent visit and I didn't care for the beans, my wife liked them (but to each his own). Summer sausage is really good...pick some up before you leave.

    Dallas Tortilla Factory - if you want some tamales that are fresh these will suffice not the best I have had but in Lewisville I have to take what I can get. Too bad Sack N Save left b/c they always had a family selling tamales there!!

    Mill Street Cafe - For diner type food only done better (CFS and the like). Mill Street Cafe has a loyal following. I liked the potato chip chicken...reminded me of the State Club Grill in Denton

    Cristinas - If you want more chain Tex-Mex for less than Mi Cocina. Cristinas is actually out 1171 (Cross Timbers and Shiloh Rd) a bit out into the rural part of Flower Mound but a very nice drive. I like the place a lot but it can get noisy and crowded.

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      I've eaten at Thai Tango once. It was ok. Your basic slightly Americanized Thai food. Beautiful interior, overpriced menu. I'll give it this: it was better than I was expecting since it is in a yuppie strip mall in Flower Mound.

      1. re: donnaaries

        Thai Tango is closed. Apparently the original owner sold. I went there for dinner a month or so ago and they told us they were under new management and that there was no liquor license yet which I thought was odd but I guess that happens when ownership changes hands. 2 weeks later I was in Parker Square and noticed the sign taped to the door saying they were closed. It was great when it 1st opened but had wained slightly in the last year or so. Sad to see it go really. I had my college graduation party there several years ago.