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Jul 24, 2008 09:29 AM

Best Bratwurst?

I am having a bbq and want to serve the right things. Who makes the best Brat and why?


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  1. Well, it's hard to say not knowing where you live; I could suggest the best is in Montreal, but if you live in Montana, it's no big help.

    1. Any of the "big three" are good: Johnsonville, Usinger's or Klement's - of those I like Usinger's best but can find Johnsonville at nearly any local grocery store.

      I have had Miesfeld's Grand Champion brats at a cookout once and they were amazing. Great balance of spices.

      Brats are all about how you cook them:
      Use fresh brats, charcoal grill them over LOW heat turning frequently with tongs until done.

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        I prefer to simmer the brats in beer and thinly sliced onion, and then grill them as needed. The onions can be caramelized and served with the bratwurst on a hard roll and plenty of mustard.

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          I like caramelized onions and a good brown mustard on mine too. I ususally will only put them in beer after they are done if I need to hold them for awhile before folks are ready to eat - or if I am cooking a bunch of them.

          I melt half a stick of butter or so in a few cans of simmering Schlitz (the beer that made Milwaukee famous! - plus it is cheaper than bottled water at this point) with some sliced onions and maybe some German mustard and then pour the mixture into a disposable aluminum pan. The brats can float around in there until people are ready to grab them.

          Definitely get some good rolls for them. Hot dog buns should not apply here.

        2. re: CDouglas

          i agree CDouglas,

          my brats are cooked on the grill, never simmered in beer first(beer is for drinking with the brat imho). Learned my method from the cooks up @ Bratfest in Sheboygen, WI.

          Served on a brat roll with raw onions, pickle slices, and some mustard.

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            Wisconsin Hound, here...I'll agree with CD, above...Johnsonville is a fantastic choice and readily available....I hope, for you too.

            I'm a par-boil man: Couple cans of beer in the bottom of the stockpot, onions in the pot, and I add a stick of butter...In go the brats, water to cover.

            Simmer slowly and leave in the pot until they go to the grill. Some folks then return them to the simmer for a bit..not me.

            Don't skimp on the quality of your bun or your mustard and all's good!

            1. re: CDouglas

              I agree with the Johnsonville statement but stay away from the Cheddar brats. They just don't grill up right and have an odd texture to them. Their Beer brats are the best.

              Slightly off topic; Johnsonville makes a decent chorizo too.


              and one should simmer a raw link and then grill (thorough cooking and then the nice skin char)

              1. I actually love johnsonville. I've had better one (Usinger's) but they are hard to find around where I live and johnsonville is ubiquitiously available and really good. I think I'll grill some up this weekend.

                1. Hi valval,

                  Where do you live? Someone may know of a treasure in your backyard!

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                    I'm kind of looking more at grocery-store brats! :)