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Jul 24, 2008 09:10 AM

hip sf friends in town, cool lunch spot tomorrow?

I have two friends coming in from San Francisco stopping off in Boston for the day tomorrow on their way to Maine. Any suggestions on a cool or possibly New England "experience" type place to take them for lunch?

Not super pricey, and doesn't need to have bar though the option of a glass of wine or beer with lunch on a day off is nice.

I live in Charlestown and will be picking them up from another friends home in Somerville, so doesn't have to be in the city, could be Cambridge or other spot close by. Thanks!

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  1. My first thought was Neptune Oyster in the N End... or a really fun spot that I happen to love is the Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square.

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      1. re: heathermb

        Hmmm, Neptune sounds great have been wanting to go there for a long time. I was wanting a lobster roll and understand it is GREAT there. But for $25? Gulp.

        1. re: sukisooo

          I was also put off by the $25 lobster roll; but finally went there last week when my parents were in town visiting. Definitely worth the price.

      2. I'd offer up the usual suggestion: Neptune! I think it would be perfect. B&G is another cool New England "experience" place to go. Personally I love Neptune, but B&G's patio is lovely for lunch.

        1. If you want to come to the Back Bay, Vlora is a good deal for lunch, and Parish Cafe can be fun.

            1. re: pondrat

              Seriously? Shack I might send people who want "quality seafood meal and kid-friendly" but not "hipsters from SF" - a friend of mine who wandered into the one in back bay described as looking and feeling like Dick's Last Resort...

              1. re: wilbanks

                Summer Shack is too nice for hipsters. I would take them to the buffet at Kebob & Tandoor in Waltham just to watch them squirm while picking rib and neck bones out of their chicken. ;-)

            2. If they want real east coast pizza, there's Regina. They'll be eating lobster rolls in Maine probably. Maybe Eastern Standard.