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Jul 24, 2008 09:09 AM

ladies getaway in Las Vegas...

4 of us will be spenind 3 night at The Palazzo. We are planning to have dinner at Restaurant Charlie, lunch at Enoteca San Marco and breakfast at Bouchon. What other restaurants in The Venetian/Palazzo megaplex would you recommend? The Japanese/Peruvian place looks interesting but is it good? How about Table 10? Thanks.

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  1. I really enjoyed Dos Caminos and it can be lively too which may be fun

    1. Just curious why you are only looking in the megaplex. Besides Charlie and Bouchon, I wouldn't bother with any of the rest.

      Even if you don't have a car and don't want to take a cab, there are some good options within walking distance. And, you really should consider going mobile as there are some great options not too much further.

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        We may venture out to L'Atelier or Guy Savoy, but would love to hear your recommendations on "good options within walking distance".

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          For a very special dinner, you should try Alex at the Wynn which is within walking distance.

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            Guy Savoy is at Caeser's which is easily walkable as long as you don't visit in the summer. Also, with the bridge you can walk across to Bellagio which has more than one good option. Personally, I really like the tasting menu at MM there.

            But then again, when I can, I really enjoy walking - almost as much as eating.

        2. Morels at the Palazzo has gotten mixed reviews at Chowhound; but the restaurant critic at the LV Review Journal was very impressed in her report this July. I haven't been to Morels myself, but I've found her other reviews to be spot on.

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            really ? i feel she's hit and miss. my main beef ? she's too nice. If memory serves, she's given a "c" rating to one maybe 2 places in the last year. I suspect her hands are tied by the powers to be . Personally, i found her review of louis' fish camp to be laughable.

            1. re: kjs

              I agree and having had a really bad experience at Morel's, I really take her reviews with a grain of salt. Generally, she will rarely downgrade a place, and particularly not on the strip....which makes me question the overall quality of the reviews.

          2. I'd suggest venturing out of the megaplex for breakfast at Tableau (tucked back by the Wynn Tower Suites). Excellent service, great food (esp. short ribs with eggs and the pancakes), coffee is also their own blend and some of the best restaurant coffee I've ever had. Bouchon used to our must-do breakfast hit, but after 2 average to disappointing breakfasts, Tableau has replaced it as our go-to. Notably, over 6 to 8 times, service and food have been consistently excellent.

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              Spot on. Best in Las Vegas, IMHO. I used to gush about the Verandah (still do) but those short ribs are the stuff dreams are made of. And the setting is wonderful.

              1. re: LVI

                Thanks for your suggestion, jbh11 & LVI. We had a fabulous breakfast at Tableau. Those short ribs with eggs were great as well as lobster egg benedict.