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Jul 24, 2008 09:09 AM

Best Scottsdale/Phoenix Seafood

Looking for the best seafood in Scottsdale for my grandparents coming to town. I really haven't had anything, in the 10yrs I've been in Phoenix, that has grabbed me when it comes to seafood dishes that aren't sushi. Looking forward to some good suggestions.

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  1. I have had good meals at Wildfish, by fashion square.

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      I went on monday night for their all night happy hour with a friend and it was a steal. Two martinis, 2 bowls of lobster bisque, salad for app, and a dozen oysters for 28 dollars. We were going to order an entree to split but after getting all that we were stuffed. Even if you don't want to sit in the bar area with your grandparents to get the happy hour prices, the quality was outstanding and I would have paid full price.

      Also, I've never been and it can be a difficult restaurant to get into, but many people recommend Salt Cellar which is a cool restaurant built underground. Also, you have to climb down a flight of stairs to get there so depending on your grandparents, it might not be possible.

      Link to a similar thread:

      Salt Cellar Restaurant
      550 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

      Wildfish Seafood Grille
      7135 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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        I gave my sister and brother-in-law a gift certificate to Mastro's Ocean Club in Kierland and they loved it for seafood, although they said it was pricey.

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          Food at Wildfish is good; however, I won't be going back there. Planned a party of about 25-30 for my wine group and they way overcharged us on the appetizers and didn't provide nearly enough. Learned everyone inside was getting them for half price. And I thought I was doing them a favor by planning ahead so their kitchen wouldn't be slammed.

          Had recommendations, also, for the Salt Cellar when I moved here from MD. If you know seafood, avoid this place. Might be OK for the landlocked midwesterners Phoenix tends to attract, but if you're from either coast, you will know the difference. Fish wasn't as fresh as it could be, and most dishes were covered with heavy, gloppy sauces to cover up the fact.

          Ocean Club is good, if pricey.

          1. re: gourmetwineaux

            I totally agree about Salt Cellar. So many people here praise it, but I've yet to have a meal there which I thought was any better than what I could get at Coco's. Overcooked not-so-fresh fish, masked by blah sauces and weak sides. All served underground (which is neat) but in an atmosphere which looks like it hasn't been refreshed in 30 years.

            And that's coming from a formerly-landlocked Midwesterner!

            Am I missing something?

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              If I recall, the happy hour prices only applied to the bar area, which is somewhat limited in size. If you sit in the regular restaurant area, you get the regular menu.

              And from my experience, a lot of places won't extend happy hour prices to a large group, especially if taking up dining room space. I was involved with a group that would do pretty big events at some well known places and we'd be paying almost banquet prices ($20-20pp for simple food) in their side room while they had great deals in the bar area. It seemed unfair, but we were also taking up real estate and staff.

              If you got overcharged, that's a mistake. But on the flip side I can understand them not giving everyone drink/food deals all night throughout the whole place.

          1. re: aaronling

            Thank you!! Very helpful.... taking them out tomorrow night and thinking of Salt Cellar just to give it a try...

            I'm also excited to try a lot of the places mentioned in those two articles within the next few weeks...

          2. I don't eat seafood, but I've worked in kitchens for years.. and been around alot of foodies and chefs who love seafood.. everyone says hands down the best in town is Sea Saw. (a friend even had his parents (who are Japanese and very particular about their seafood) in town and they loved it) I think its in old town scottsdale? Not quite sure.. Anyhow. that's my suggestion.
            And for those of you who do go to the salt cellar... don't get dessert!!! :| I have stories about their desserts.... (they do not make them in house, another place produces them and has them delivered)

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              Salt cellar shrimp cocktail, steamed mussels, oysters and shrimp san remo are extrmely good quality I have been fine dining form NY my whole life and find it to be a fab little place.

              I was just there 2 weeks ago and had the same great food I have had for over 11 years. Not sure what went wrong with your meals

              I also enjoy the calamari with 3 dipping sauces.

              Wildfish is Fantastic as well I will try to go again before the end their special happy hour this summer GREAT food!

              1. re: acheftobe

                Sea Saw is in Old Town Scottsdale, right next to Cowboy Ciao.

                Sea Saw
                7133 E Stetson Dr Ste 1, Scottsdale, AZ 85251