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Jul 24, 2008 09:00 AM

Chemex coffee filters and brewers in Toronto? HELP!!

I ran out of my unbleached Chemex coffee filters. Ever since brewing this way, I am forever spoiled and cannot think about using traditional coffee machines.
I just ran out of my filters and need some desperately.
Is there a Toronto shop who carries them?


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    1. re: TorontoJo

      That thread, as far as I can tell, didn't end up shedding light on Chemex availability in Toronto.

      If anyone has any luck finding one locally (I'm looking for a brewer and filters), or a Canadian mail-order source, please let me know.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        I ordered my Chemex brewer and filters from
        They are well priced, even cheaper than Chemex themselves, oddly enough.

        She ships to Canada and I found their customer service great.
        I would order my filters from them but Chemex is backordered of the unbleached variety and if I order the "oxygen" whitened ones, I have to order $40 dollars worth in order to qualify for shipping. I've only used the unbleached ones and if I don't like the white filters, that's 700 filters to burn through before I order a new batch of unbleached ones once Chemex has produced more.

        Ebay is also a source of cheaper vintage Chemex and some vendors sell the filters.

        The hassle of ordering filters is worth it. My next order is going to be a year's supply. I have stored my very expensive coffee system permanently unless I have a big dinner party to brew for.

        In my opinion, it doesn't get any simpler to get perfectly brewed coffee in a system you can clean with a swish of a brush.

        A tip I learned for new Chemex folks is to do a hot water rinse of the filter paper, it makes all the difference in getting really clean bean flavours. I learned that a bit late and really appreciate it now.

        Happy brewing.

        1. re: Idas

          My S.O. Lady Entropy, destroyer of many a glass item, dispatched the Bodum Kona I got as a compromise to a Chemex. Just as I had developed a feel for the device. So now I am back on the hunt. I'm going to take one last swing at finding one retail in town before going to the web.

      2. Chemex has never shown any interest in selling or backing their products in Canada; so, we have little choice except to order from eBay or sources like Sweetmaria. Most of those senders are glad to ship to us, and usually small orders come through duty free.

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        1. re: jayt90

          I was looking for a Chemex brewer in Toronto as well and the Merchants of Green Coffee has them on their web site:

          Unfortunately, their prices seem pretty high. The 10-cup is 89.99 when Sweet Maria's sells it for $34.50. However, Maria's site says "No International Shipping" below the Chemex brewers, so I don't know if they even ship here any more.

          1. re: arossphoto

            There are lots on eBay, frequently little-used hand-blown German ones, for about $20, plus shipping; there is unlikely to be any duty on low cost items from the U.S.

            A Chemex was often an item for show in many kitchens, later stored away.

            1. re: arossphoto

              I've found Sweet Maria's one of the best US companies to deal with for shipping to Canada. It's definitely worth an email.

          2. The following online company carries Chemex products and they ship to Canada:


            The only problem is, they ship internationally only by FedEx so it may be expensive.

            Good luck with your search!

            1. what's the deal with the chemex? I am intrigued

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              1. re: Apple

                A cult product in the U.S., well liked by coffee geeks and designers. It's worth looking into, especially if you visit someone in the U.S. who uses it.
                It is a simple glass carafe (often hand blown) that holds a substantial 12" filter, the predecessor to the old manual Melitta cone system. The filter paper is better, at least 30% heavier, and the slow drip coffee is well extracted and non acidic. It never caught on in a big way, except in discerning households, and old b&w movies. The company is still operating in the Boston area.

                1. re: jayt90

                  Okay, I'm convinced! Consider me the newest member of the cult...

                  I just ordered the Chemex 8-cup flask and 200 unbleached filters from Expresso Parts (see my link above). The flask costed me approx. $35 USD, $7 for 100 filters and shipping was $42.

                  For nearly a decade, I've used the French press but am getting tired of the sludgy sediment which ends up in my cup (which, by the way, purportedly is bad for your cholesterol levels).

                  I was going to cave in and get the automatic Cuisinart MT500 Plus for $200. But seeing this thread about Chemex piqued my curiosity. So, after doing some research, I've decided to stay with manual brewers. It's just too bad the Chemex is impossible to find here in T.O.

                  I checked out the Merchants of Green Coffee but they don't seem to have any Chemex in stock.

                  1. re: DishyDiva

                    I was on the Espresso Parts website and my fliters were 35 dollars but it said the USPS shipping was 43 dollars? What the heck?
                    IT must be an error in calculation. I am awaiting to hear back from the website to see what the corrected amount is. Otherwise I am going to just order the oxygen bleached chemex ones from Sweet Marias.
                    Fingers crossed.
                    Thanks though for letting me know about Espresso Parts.
                    Enjoy the cleanest way to brew, try rinsing your filters if you find you can taste them, if you are really coffee obesessed about true bean flavour, it is worth the little extra effort.

                    1. re: Idas

                      Hi Idas,

                      $43?!?! That is outrageous.

                      Although I did warn you that shipping may be pricey, I had no idea it was going to be that much! At least my package includes the coffee maker and not just filters. This must be the "express" rate. Hopefully, they'll be willing to ship the filters to you at a cheaper (albeith slower) rate.

                      Thanks for letting me know about the Chemex. Yes, I am definitely coffee obsessed and am a self-proclaimed java junkie. I am always on the lookout for a better cup o' coffee. I can't wait to receive and try it out.

                      Good luck re: your filters!

                      1. re: DishyDiva

                        Well, I got my filters. I ordered only 3 packs for 21 dollars but the shipping still was 36. I called to double check that it was ordinary USPS regular delivery and they said due to weight and the box size, it was correct.

                        I was desperate and after a week of a coffee machine, it was worth it, I pulled out my expensive brewing system for a week while waiting and I really, really missed the simple cleaning and most pure taste you can get from a bean.
                        Ahhhh, tomorrow my beans will be back in my glass chemex.
                        Can't wait to wake up and put away the old machine again for the next dinner party.

                        When Sweet Marias gets more in stock, I am order a year's worth and saving on their cheaper shipping.

                        Even with the expensive shipping, it is cheaper than my husband sneaking to Starbucks so he didn't have to clean the coffee maker.

              2. I've been dying for a Chemex brewer for a year, and just picked up 2 at Goodwill on half-price day. They are out there, keep hunting. It's worth it.