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Vidalia in Lansdale closing in a week or two.

I just stopped in to pick up a rotisserie chicken but there were none. No bakery samples and signs all over saying thirty percent off everything except milk, cigarettes and beer. Heavy sigh. They were very well-stocked so I think this came as a shock to everyone. :( Everyone there tried so hard to make the store work. There is a banner over the hot foods section, which still had plenty by the way and looks fresh, saying that it had won the reader's choice award. I guess I will stop by later and get some nice deals on stuff I usually can't afford, but I hate to see the place go. They just had their one year anniversary!

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  1. Oh thats terrible, I loved that store

    1. Oh man, that place is great. I visit my Mom who lives in Lansdale and that's my place for good beer and foodie food since there aren't many great restaurants in Lansdale.

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        I live 5 minutes from Vidalia and personally, I won't miss it. I quickly tired of paying $12-15 for a six-pack of beer (that's $48-60 a case!) and exorbidant prices for their food. I once was behind someone in line and his 3 small bags of groceries came to $110! Yeah I know, "organic" is expensive, too expensive for me. While I'll miss the variety of beer they sold, I'll go back to paying $20-25 for a case of good beer, I'll live...

      2. I've had mixed emotions about the place since it opened. Went a few times and left less than impressed. Not being a beer drinker, I felt the selection produce and specialty foods were not desirable enough to get me to drive through Lansdale.

          1. Could this location support a Trader Joe's? I've love to have one closer than Jenkintown or Wayne.

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              That would rock! Was reading in the Reporter that they have to do something with that license to sell beer though, maybe they will just sell it back to the state and Lansdale will be a drier place. Sigh. I would hate to see that location stay empty at any rate.

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                Someone who works in English Village (on 309 in Montgomeryville), told me the vacant Bombay shop and adjacent shops were going to be a Trader Joe's. Don't know if it's true, because I had also heard a rumor about one in Blue Bell, but wouldn't that be nice?

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                  Sorry Jdbc ~ hit the post button prematurely. ;-)

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                    Sorry ~ Hit the send button prematurely. Typing and reading ahead is risky!

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                      Blue Bell's getting Whole Foods (where Ikea used to be).

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                        I think I'd call that Plymouth Meeting.

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                      I heard there is one going into English Village where Bombay used to be.

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                        Say no more, Trader Joe's is opening soon at the Enlish Village Shopping Center on 309. Hooray!

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                          Woot! Never been to one but I've heard only good things!

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                            Thanks for posting that - that is the best news I've heard in a while!

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                              do you know when? it's not on their list of opening soon stores.

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                                  Awww man! Well I sure hope they put something in the Vidalia spot before then!

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                                I curious what everyone loves about TJ's?

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                                  I love their Fiber bread, coffee, baked chips, and some of the frozen products. Oh, and the JoeJoe's cookies take me back to childhood, only better. :)

                            2. I am so glad I read this post today, it is putting me in a good mood after a bad day at work. I love TJ's and I certainly hope one goes in English Village or if one goes in Blue Bell that would be great too.

                              I won't miss Vidalia, I never went there. I wanted to check it out, but it looked like a wanna be Whole Foods to me and I wondered how busy it would be in Landsdale so I worried if the food would be fresh or not too.

                              I am crossing my fingers for a TJ's in English Village, they really need something down there to fill all those empty spaces.

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                              1. I agree. Make it a Trader Joe's! we can't afford main line prices (whole foods prices)!

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                                  I heard TJs is going into English Village where Bombay was but not til spring. See above posts.

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                                    I asked someone in English Village last week and they said TJ's would be opening as early as November. I think that is a stretch, but it sure would be nice.