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Jul 24, 2008 08:45 AM

Vidalia in Lansdale closing in a week or two.

I just stopped in to pick up a rotisserie chicken but there were none. No bakery samples and signs all over saying thirty percent off everything except milk, cigarettes and beer. Heavy sigh. They were very well-stocked so I think this came as a shock to everyone. :( Everyone there tried so hard to make the store work. There is a banner over the hot foods section, which still had plenty by the way and looks fresh, saying that it had won the reader's choice award. I guess I will stop by later and get some nice deals on stuff I usually can't afford, but I hate to see the place go. They just had their one year anniversary!

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  1. Oh thats terrible, I loved that store

    1. Oh man, that place is great. I visit my Mom who lives in Lansdale and that's my place for good beer and foodie food since there aren't many great restaurants in Lansdale.

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        I live 5 minutes from Vidalia and personally, I won't miss it. I quickly tired of paying $12-15 for a six-pack of beer (that's $48-60 a case!) and exorbidant prices for their food. I once was behind someone in line and his 3 small bags of groceries came to $110! Yeah I know, "organic" is expensive, too expensive for me. While I'll miss the variety of beer they sold, I'll go back to paying $20-25 for a case of good beer, I'll live...

      2. I've had mixed emotions about the place since it opened. Went a few times and left less than impressed. Not being a beer drinker, I felt the selection produce and specialty foods were not desirable enough to get me to drive through Lansdale.

        1. The original comment has been removed