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Jul 24, 2008 08:24 AM

Best Portuguese restaurants in RI?

I'm hosting family this weekend and they want to try a good Portuguese restaurant. BIL is a first generation American from Azores. Looking for your best suggestions - willing to drive a bit - as any Rhode Islander must be!


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  1. Don't know of any in RI, not to say there aren't any but 1/2 hour from Providence is New Bedford where you can choose from Antonio's or Cafe Funchal, both excellent. I'm sure there are others in Fall River as well.

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      I am not sure how long your visitors are staying but if they are here next weekend, I would definately make the drive to New Bedford and enjoy the Madeira Feast. Large amounts of food and drink! It is one of the largest portuguese feasts in the country.

      Otherwise, there are a few restaurants in East Providence. I have eaten at Madeira and it usually hits the spot. Their specialty is usually carne diespeto(?) Beef that is grilled on a long skewer and brought to the table. It is a fiarly large building.

      Or I would drive over to Fall River, MA and have a meal at Sagres on Columbia Street, great food overall!!! Fall River also has many Azorean markets and restaurants to check out! Enjoy!

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        I'm not sure if it's still true but the Portuguese Feast (Feast of the Blessed Sacrament) in New Bedford used to be the #2 Budweiser beer consumption event in the United States behind the Indy 500. 100,000 people. That huge BBQ pit cranking out tons of Carne de Espeto. Atum. Bacalhau. Carne de vino e alhos. Linguica. Malassadas. What great food! Vegetarians need not apply. I'm really bummed I'm in British Columbia the first weekend in August.

        Here's a link to a previous chowhound discussion of the options in New Bedford.

    2. Haven't been yet, but Estoril in Fall River (just east of the RI border) looks interesting...

      1. O Denis Portuguese Restaurant:
        579 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914 -(401) 438-3769.
        A great family restaurant. Not fancy but if great food is your search, this is what you are looking for.

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            Can't comment about any outside RI, and even my experience within the state is limited. But I do have a lot of meals under my belt from Madeira, and they rarely disappoint in any way.

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            Have been to O'Dinis and had a good meal. Everyone else in the restaurant was speaking Portuguese, so I guess they must be authentic.

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              Ditto on O Dinis. Great food, friendly service, try the sangria!

              O Dinis Restaurant
              579 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914

            2. There are some Portuguese Restaurants in the Providence area of Rhode Island, but unfortunately none in the central or southern part of RI, say Warwick, Cranston Coventry area and even points further south. My best suggestion would be to try A Taste of Portugal, Rhode Islands own Chef to Go… They are a local drop off caterer of Portuguese food. I had about 30 guests for my sons 1st birthday party. Our guests talked about the food all weekend. Everyone gave the food a rave review. And they don’t charge for delivery. Just Google RI Chef to Go or A Taste of Portugal in RI and I'm sure you'll find them. Their website is:

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                For anyone of you who like Portuguese Food, you def gotta check out this site... the food is AMAZING and the service is FANTASTIC :)