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Jul 24, 2008 07:51 AM


So my fiance and I went there a few nights ago. We got a few apps and then split and entree. We did get a bottle of wine.But the bill came to $100 per person. I just didnt see the food as being worth what we paid.Has anyone else been for dinner? What were your thoughts?

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  1. We went for lunch and were not impressed enough to return for a dinner.

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    1. Not for dinner. Been twice for the 20 dollar lunch. First time was blown away. Second, not so much. But for 20 bucks, it's still one of the best lunch options around. It would have to be pretty bad not to pay 20 dollars for 3 courses.

      1. Four of us went once, didn't quite spend so much but none were particularly moved either.

        1. i ate at mila during my two week new orleans food blitzkrieg. of all the high-end places, it was the biggest disappointment(after all, she'd worked for alain ducasse, one of the three greatest living french chefs). i'll write more this week but the check was nearly $100 more than any other high-end place we ate. the food had it's inspired moments(the bbq lobster, for instance)but wasn't sustained throughout(the pasty, cold rice pudding for dessert, for instance). service was perfunctory. i didn't fall for the cleverness of the "deconstructed" oysters rockefellar(it didn't move the dish onto some higher food plane or "reveal" anything about the original that was either not know or taken for granted)& throwing a small amount of truffles into grits just didn't get me thinking, "wow! how extravagant! how decadent! how delicious!" i've had ducasse's truffled mac & cheese & knew where this dish was coming from & recognized it as a pale imitation.
          i'd never pass a final judgment on a place like this(w/it's pedigree & aspirations)after just one meal but i'd have to say it would NOT be on a list of "must-do's" that i'd give to friends visiting new orleans.