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Jul 24, 2008 07:26 AM

Using a silicone oven liner in a gas stove

I just ordered two oven liners from Costco online to use in the bottoms of my Wolf range at home and DCS range at the vacation home to eliminate the problem messy oven spills. Now I'm thinking they probably aren't a good idea in a gas oven where the heat comes up from under the oven floor. I know you are never supposed to line the bottom with aluminum foil as it will melt onto the oven floor, permanently marring the finish. Anyone have any experience using a silicone oven liner in a gas range?

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  1. First of all, are you sure they're silicone? My oven liner is an ultra-thin coated fiberglass. It's fine in a gas oven (doesn't seem to alter the heating) just make sure you trim it so it doesn't block any vent holes.

    1. Yes, maybe that's what it is - it's just described as an "oven liner". So it won't block the gas burner below the oven floor from heating up the oven?

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        Not in my experience. And there's no damage to the finish beneath the mat.

      2. I had one of these "liners" in the bottom of my DCS 30" AG non-self cleaning stove. It was ok. There were a couple places that the liner stuck to the oven bottom and I couldn't get it off.

        I've learned to bake with a sheet pan underneath anything that could be messy. Easier to clean than the bottom of the oven.