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Jul 24, 2008 07:23 AM

Vegan meze ideas?

I'm having a few girlfriends over for dinner this weekend and I was thinking about a meze themed dinner. Two of them are vegans. Falafel is the only thing I have on the menu so far. Anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. hummus, tabbouli, baba g-- the usual suspects, & always great with falafel! ;)

    also could try grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts and currants/raisins, grilled veggies of any description, tapenade, fruit salad scented with rosewater and mint (as a side, or a dessert), cucumber-vinegar salad. if you wanted a main-type dish you could put out a vegan curry (maybe with mushrooms or cashews) over rice or couscous.

    1. The Lebanese lentil/rice/caramelized onion dish, mujadarra, would be a great addition.

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      1. Farinatta aka socca. It's simply a thin chickpea flour batter fried in olive oil. It gets wonderfully crispy. You can embellish the batter with onions, capers, sundried tomatoes, have a nutty and lemony pesto type spread for that and other things like bread and crudite.