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Jul 24, 2008 07:16 AM

Good Spots in Armitage Neighborhood (MPLS)?

In search of a good neighborhood hangout in the Armitage neighborhood of Minneapolis. I believe the area is bordered by 56th St and HWY 62 (north/south) and Xerxes and Logan (east/west). Spots a little outside this area are fine, but not too far - I drink a lot of beer and will need to walk home. Thanks!!

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  1. Not a whole lot in the way of bars or "hangouts", but my recs (food/beer/wine-wise) would be: Cafe Maude at 54th & Penn, Cave Vin at 56th & Xerxes, Broders at 50th & Penn or Pierre's at 50th & Penn. A little further away I'd say Salut or Edina Grill at 50th & France, though I'm not a huge fan of either. I'd also recommend Heidi's and the Blackbird Cafe at 50th & Bryant in my 'hood (Lynnhurst).....

    1. It's a good thing you are a beer drinker because there are very few spots down there that have a full liquor license. Sandy's Tavern is at 6612 Penn in Richfield is an OK dive. Otherwise Reggie pretty much covered it. It's a pretty dry neighborhood. Very nice but not a lot of bars.

      1. Once upon a time Minneapolis had a law that said "no alcohol south of Lake Street." So, a few 3.2 bars opened, but most stayed North of Lake Street.

        The law since changed, but most of the bars and/or neighborhoods have chosen to go to just strong beer and wine and not full liquor liscenses. Makes entertaining in South Minneapolis difficult.