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Penzeys Special Extra Bold vs. Tellicherry

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I have to re-order some peppercorns from Penzeys. I usually get the Tellicherry but I'd like to try the Extra Bold. Can someone tell me what it's like compared to the Tellicherry? The hotter the better, but I want to get some feedback from anyone who has tried it. It's about time to refill my Magnum Plus so I'll be using whatever I buy for quite a while!


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  1. We switched to Extra Bold a few years ago. I don't really think it is "hotter", but it is a little more complex. Some of the corns are so big that it can be a problem to grind them in some peppermills, I don't know about the Magnum Plus.

    1. I've been thinkng of mixing Tellecherry with Sichuan. I've never used Extra Bold but I've been using Tellycherry for about 10 years now. Used to buy it from Whiteflower Farm in CT of all places.....till I discovered Penzeys a couple of years ago..

      1. I usually buy the whole Tellicherry, but the last time I bought 8 ounces of both the black tellicherry and the black Sarawak peppercorns. I'm not sure I would say they are hotter, but the flavor is more pronounced and defiantly more complex.

        I have a Peugeot mill and they work just fine.

        1. I have Tellicherry, Sarawak and Extra Bold.

          I actually prefer the Tellicherry.

          To me the Xtra Bold is more complex and somewhat floral. Really hard to describe.

          What I did was order the smallest quantities of each and did a taste test. You might think of doing that.

          I ended up liking them all and using them all, (you probably will too) but reordered the Tellicherry.

          1. We really like the Extra Bold. I usually order 1 lb. of the Extra Bold and 1 lb. of the sarawak. We mix them. I like the hot from the sarawak and the complex from the Extra Bold. I am a pepper nut and we use at least a pound (or more) of pepper per year.

            If you are having a problem grinding them, I sugget the new Penzy pepper mill--it puts out lots of pepper per twist.

            1. I taste tested Tellicherry vs Sarawak and vastly preferred the Sarawak. To me, the flavor was more intense and more complex, a real winner. But haven't tried the Extra Bold, sorry.

              1. I don't usually revive threads this old, but yesterday I found myself at Penzey's on a quest to buy two, three pound boxes of Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt. (Penzey's is only 17 miles from our home, but we don't go down to that area too often anymore.)

                I bought some of the Special Extra Bold peppercorns. I then emptied one of our Zassenhaus pepper mills (from Penzey's before they changed manufacturers) and put in the Special Extra Bold peppercorns. I really liked it except I think I put so much pepper on the pork that I don't know if I liked it better than the regular peppercorns we have been using.

                1. I have the magnum plus grinder (love it) and we switched to extra bold on our last order from Penzey's after having always used Tellecherry. We definitely prefer the more pronounced "in your face" aspects of the extra bold. I would say that it does have more "bite" than Tellecherry, but not truly hot like szechuan. We order 1 lb at a time, just two of us at home and we still go through a few lbs per year. We love pepper. Extra bold rocks. LOL