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Jul 24, 2008 06:49 AM

Anyone tried Town or Le Cirque for RW?

Hey 'hounders,

After two RW lunches down (Gramercy Tavern - awesome, and EMP - very good), I've planned eating out to Town and Le Cirque to break from my usual RW restaurants. Have any of you tried at either places yet? I'm curious to know what's your experience with the food, service, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. having RW dinner at Town this evening and will report back tomorrow.

    1. Just posted a quickie review of Le Cirque here:

      Went w/3 friends so I got to see (if not taste) most of the menu. Sister liked the ravioli starter. Friend didn't care for the melon soup (the color of cantaloupe), but she doesn't like cantaloupe. The shrimp looked good, as did the chicken fricasse and creme brule. Sister also had the pasta (w/o the octopus) for her main dish. I think she didn't enjoy it as much as the ravioli.
      We sat in the main dining room, but I think they were seating others w/RW reservations in the lounge.

      1. Ate at Town on Tuesday nite. Reported on it yesterday.

        1. Went to Le Cirque for winter. I can't remember a thing I ate. It was absolutely unmemorable.

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            In response to you kelea and Lucia, oh poop. I want to change my reservations but I don't know where to for dinner.

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              Eh, I'm glad I went to Le Cirque. Based on food reviews, I wasn't willing to pay full price to dine there. Now I can say I've been and experienced the space. Sirio was sitting at a table beside the host stand eating his own lunch during our lunch. It's an experience.
              I'm going to Nougatine for dinner.

          2. Le Cirque is meh. The portions are quite small for the appetizers, and what I got (the melon soup) wasnt impressive at all. The desserts were good tho, and for the entree you're better off with the chicken and fettecini (which were quite good) than the fish which was puny.

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              I've canceled Le Cirque. I'm not going to ruin my friend's birthday over mediocre food. Moving to a different question, have any of you went to Blue Water Grill or August for RW? He's interested in going there as the alternatives.

              Thanks again!

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                My fish main wasn't puny, fwiw. It wasn't huge, but it was good-sized and I left a few bites uneaten.