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Jul 24, 2008 06:30 AM

MA traveller in Redwood City: Need Chocolate!

Hi San Franciscans!

I'm in Massachusetts and I'm very into chocolate. My husband is taking a business trip to Redwood City. I told him that the only thing I'd like him to bring me back is chocolate!

I like quality dark chocolate and bonbons. I love Vosges and Chuao type chocolates.

Can you please tell me any good places where I can send him (without sending him into the city of San Francisco on his own) or local quality brands that he can bring home for me?


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  1. Coco Delice at some Whole Foods.
    Shokolaat in Palo Alto.
    Saratoga Chocolates at the Los Altos farmer's market on thursdays (not sure where else they're sold).

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    1. re: jsgjewels

      Don't some Whole Foods also carry Recchiuti? Barlovento sells at the Palo Alto farmers market on Sundays -- excellent small local producer. The Meyer lemon flavor is amazing (and uniquely local).

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Barlovento, of course, how could I forget! They're so good...

      2. re: jsgjewels

        If he's in Palo Alto, Coupa Cafe sells Chuao chocolate by the piece. I love that stuff. They have the passionfruit caramel hearts.

        1. re: rworange

          Oh, I LOVE Chuao! That's good to know. He will be in Palo Alto! Do they sell the bars there too? I'm so hooked on Chinita Nibs, but hate paying shipping (especially in warm weather)!


          1. re: puppymomma

            Yep. They sell the bars which are fairly common at better chocolate shops in the area. Also the hot chocolate is available at a few stores. However, Coupa is the only place to sell the bon bons.

      3. Perhaps someone can verify for me, but I believe there is a cost plus in RWC. If it is anything like the one in MV, they will have several varieties of their own store brand of dark chocolate (which for $2 is quite good, imo), plus the Vosges brand and Chuao-- and for $2-$3 less than Whole Foods or Coupa. Like the Chuao bars at Coupa, which I think were like $7ish (and $6 at Whole Foods) are $5 at Cost Plus or $4 on sale.

        Though (and this is where other people might want to chime in) I have never actually been in the RWC Cost Plus, so I don't know if they carry the same stuff across board.