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Jul 24, 2008 06:15 AM

tamarind syrup -- how do you use it?

i just bought some tamarind syrup at a middle eastern store. what uses would you recommend? thanks.

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  1. the flavor of tamarind is great for a different spin on citrus - you get the tartness with a hint of sweet, but it's more floral than basic lemon or lime juice.

    i use the paste in a sweet/sour/spicy curry sauce i sometimes throw together.

    you can also use it as part of a glaze for pork, chicken or fish.

    1. use it anywhere you want a sweet/sour flavor.

      I use it in lachma b’ajeen and a bulgur wheat salad called bazargan. I use it in the liquid for making stuffed grape leaves among other things.

      1. Add a teaspoon to a glass of sparkling water for a refreshing drink.
        I use tamarind unsweetened in cooking, so can't advise on more savoury uses.

        1. I made a nice vinaigrette for tomato salad. It was sweet and sour, nice. Probably in epicurious.

          1. It provides a great counter balance in coconut based 'curries', like with shrimp, for example. I also like to use it in my channa masala instead of lemon because it has a rounder, fuller tartness.

            It also goes well with fruit- one of my favorite dishes is a tamarind glazed smoked duck served with a mango salsa, and the tamarind is in the salsa. I'd imagine it would work well with preserves of any kind to make other glazes for roasted meats. I've probably mentioned this elsewhere, but my secret BBQ sauce is made from tamarind/date chutney with chipotle puree- put it on smoked ribs or chicken.

            Just be careful if you have the 'concentrete'- a bit of that stuff goes a long way.

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              Care to post the chutney recipe if it's homemade?

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                The tamarind/date chutney is a prepared item:
                I love that stuff. I also keep tamarind concentrate, pulp and paste in the house, but I use the chutney most of all. Versatile in recipes but also tasty on its own, smeared on a papadum or cracker for example.