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Jul 24, 2008 05:58 AM

Forte in Birmingham

Has anyone dined at Forte since Chef Don has joined the team? How was it?

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  1. Miss Molly has a favorable piece (not exactly a review) in the Snooze today:

    1. for me, forte is a bit of an enigma (wrapped in a riddle). i remember when it first opened and it was the place to be in birmingham. a few years later, the buzz died down. over the years, i have had a few lunches there, a dinner or two, or just drinks. the food has been decent to pretty good but service has been spotty. the half to quarter full dining room during what should be prime time results in very little life or energy to the place as well. now, when in birmingham, going to forte never crosses my mind with so many other options in town, including streetside and 220. speaking of streetside, i had lunch at its sister place, the town tavern in royal oak, yesterday (swordfish b.l.t.) and it was great. i cannot wait to go back.