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Jul 24, 2008 04:51 AM

Korean octopus: nakji bokkeum - where's good?

Where's the best nakji bokkeum in K-Town? (I'm trying to focus on Manhattan since I don't get to travel to the outer boroughs as much, but if you've got any recs out there, I'd love to hear those too.) And not nakji bokkeum bibimbap either—I'm talking about the big platters...

Also, has anyone tried the octopus combo platter for two at Don Bogam's (Menupages describes it as "pan-fried pork & octopus," and there's another one that includes brisket). Sounds tasty but not sure if it's worth the hefty $45 price tag...

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  1. never tried it at don bogam's, but my friend thinks that place is very underrated...been meaning to try it

    the problem with the dish is that every place in ktown seems to overcook the nakji, but my gf and i liked the version they serve at baden baden, the sauce was excellent and we both liked it

    you should try the outer boards as the korean restaurants are much better in flushing generally plus there are several korean seafood restaurants

    1. had any of the other dishes at don bogams? I'm curious as well; I get turned off by the slick design but, maybe it's actually real good?!

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        apparently their sam gyup sal is excellent

        im probably going to try it this week

        1. re: Lau

          ya did a little research; marinated no less!

      2. Cho Dan Gol (35th st.) does a serviceable nakji bokkeum.

        1. The best I've had in Flushing has been, surprisingly enough, at Kum Gang San. I haven't tried it at the Manhattan branch, but it might be worth checking out there. Ordinarily, I don't like many of the dishes at Kum Gang San, but this was definitely a solid dish (once again, can only speak for the Flushing branch).