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Jul 24, 2008 04:25 AM

Camano Island

We are staying on Camano Island for a week in August. We will have a cottage and will cook some meals, but would like to eat out, too. Any recommendations for restaurants and/or groceries, farmers' markets?

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  1. Try Suzie' Place on 270th in Stanwood. She has amazing gyro's, sandwiches and a large selection of salads in a deli case. The greek sampler plate is enough for two at lunch.

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      The deluxe sampler plate was easily the best lunch (quality and value wise) I've had in Stanwood and Camano.

    2. Just saw this in today's Seattle Times. There's a B&B on Camano that offers Chinese cooking classes and/or dinner to non-guests on a space available basis. See link for more details:

      1. You will have to leave the island for any good food with the exception of take out pizza from Islanders at Terry;s corner. "The Camano" has some decent fish and chips and some outstanding micro brews of their own, but it is hard to recommend them for any thing else..

        1. We just spent a night camping at the state park on the island.

          Camano Plaza Market is a decent size grocery (370 NE Camano Dr). Back in Stanwood there's a QFC and Haggen. Next to the Market is a nice kitchen and gift shop.

          Checking google before the trip I found Brindles market at Terry's Corner (next to the Islander) It wasn't quite what I expected. They do sell some vacuum packed fish and meats, but mostly they were a restaurant and wine bar. The online menu looks interesting, but we stopped by mid afternoon, so didn't sample anything.

          We had lunch at a Mexican place in the same complex (El Morena). The torta was good, though not large by taco truck standards. The chillaquilas were so-so. I can see trying them again.

          There's also a coffee roaster in the Terry's Corner complex, with free sample cups, gifts, and internet ordering.